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As I wrote yesterday , President Obama and most of the Senate Democrats in competitive races won this election because they unified working class swing voters and their progressive base, who after a ...
by Michael Lux
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I don’t want to hand the rich a golden shovel in the form of a tax cut, so they can dig a deficit so deep we can see Ireland. Why haven’t we been able to get it across that this is a ...
by Bensdad
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Despite the midterm drubbing of House Democrats earlier in the month, it seemed as if not all was lost for advocates of immigration reform. One of the potential points of light piercing the gloom ...
by Michael K Busch
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In what is only the second most depressing read of the week, following ...
by Joan McCarter
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In thinking about the aftermath of the election last night put John Boehner in the Speaker’s chair, wherein I predict a completely dysfunctional Federal Government and a second recession, we ...
by DaleNC
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It seems counter-intuitive. If your taxes get raised, you have less take home money in your paycheck from day one. And if the government has more money, it gets bigger because there's more money ...
by Richard Cranium
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How can we miss you if you won’t go away, you repudiated, socially conservative, lame duck loonies? Via [AP http://www.forbes.com/technology/feeds/ap/2006/11/29/ap3214247.html]: ...
by Susan Gardner
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by a gnostic
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by bewert
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by marthature
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