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President Obama issued an executive order Friday that requires scientific assessment of the sea level rise caused by global warming to be taken into ...
by Meteor Blades
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Join us every Tuesday afternoon at the Daily Kos community political poetry club. Your own poetry is always welcome in the comments. Bongos, berets & ...
by bigjacbigjacbigjac
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It's tragic enough that maybe three dozen were killed because of the gross negligence of the owners of West Fertilizer Co in West, Texas. But compounding the carnage, it seems as if half the town ...
by kos
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I'm sure you're all aware of Sally Jewell's nomination for Secretary of the Interior. Did you all read this from The New York Times blog by Timothy Egan? It got me feeling a little territorial: For ...
by Elizaveta
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crossposted with permission from wealthandwork.com What people seem to know, at this point, is that A. Our economy remains weak; unemployment is high and growth is faltering (but we’re better ...
by stillman
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We're cooking all our meats on rotisseries on this cookout. Every meat is marinated or injected with seasonings in advance, and slowly roasted, slowly turning, over hot coals. We have a big crowd, ...
by bigjacbigjacbigjac
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When disturbance of local ecosystems exceeds 50% they may suddenly collapse into simpler, less biodiverse systems with the loss of many species. An interdisciplinary team of scientists published a ...
by FishOutofWater
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Meet Aubrey McClendon , billionaire : "We're the biggest frackers in the world," he declares proudly over a $400.00 bottle of French Bordeaux at a restaurant he co-owns. "We frack all the time. What'...
by Agathena
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Reuters recently published an article about soaring prices for farmland in America's Midwest and Plains states. At at recent auction in Iowa, a 60 acre parcel recently sold for $420,000. At $7,000 ...
by Keith930
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Gardening is not a topic that immediately springs to mind when considering progressive politics, or political action. However, after listening to an NPR piece over the weekend about gardening and ...
by Chris Chasteen
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Cross-posted ...
by oohdoiloveyou
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Enraged at the spill in the Gulf and the American appetite for oil that ultimately caused it?� Stop land development on farmland, forests and other fringe locations�and direct future ...
by Kaid at NRDC
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The White House Task Force on Childhood Obesity released a detailed report including 70 recommendations this week.
by desmoinesdem
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The city planners of Anchorage, Alaska, are attempting to bring that city’s land-use regulations into the 21st century.  In particular, they are proposing a variation ...
by Kaid at NRDC
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BENTONVILLE, April 1 – In an unusual joint appearance this morning, Walmart CEO Mike F. Duke and former candidate John R. McCain announced major new initiatives to curtail poorly planned, ...
by Kaid at NRDC
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It's hard for a lame duck president in his final days in office to make the big headlines he used to get, and short of an assassination attempt or a random shoe-throwing attack abroad, the president ...
by quibblingpotatoes
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by Public D
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I work in an industry -- the housing industry -- with direct exposure to the forces behind the current economic situation. And I see a brilliant opportunity for those prescient enough to seize it.
by captive yak
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Denver Post columnist Ed Quillen , of Salida, Colorado, coined (or at least popularized) the term Stupid Zones, and has had a long running ...
by ohwilleke
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Today, March 30, is the 32nd Land Day observed by the Palestinian citizens of Israel and their allies around the world. It marks the day in 1976 when Israeli police killed six protesters in Northern ...
by Robert Farrell
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