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If anything symbolizes the mortgage disaster, it is whole neighborhoods of McMansions littered with abandoned house, some stripped of copper, sometimes sheltering squatters. What will happen to ...
by interguru
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Officially, it's the 6th biggest city in Texas. Officially, it's the 21st largest city in the US. (Unofficially, it population & rank are (much) higher.) Technically, it's the oldest European ...
by ivote2004
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The Washington Post has done it again. More conservative talking points are recited without even the most basic reporting to see if, in fact, they have any basis in reality. A controversy is ...
by Scenic Kevin
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The citizens of Oregon spoke loud and clear Tuesday that they support Oregon's unique land use system by passing Measure 49. UPDATED! See below for more...
by skywaker9
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The following was sent to me: it contains the latest Republican talking points on the So Cal fires. The So Cal fires are creating a problem for Republicans. First, people are angry because ...
by la motocycliste
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Jono Hildner of No on Shadowrock , is on a mission in Palm Springs. Our NO on C campaign is definitely a David vs Goliath contest. The ...
by soyinkafan
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Oregon's Measure 37, passed by a propagandistic campaign in 2004, rolls back all land use regulations to the time of property purchase. This has meant that suburbs are threatening exclusive farm ...
by Land Use Watch
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There are regional planning commissions across the country that have a large voice in how major development and infrastructure gets planned, funded and created. Things like highways, water systems,
by jer45
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Originally Posted at Blue House Diaries Last night I checked out from my local library a film ...
by eugene
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cross posted at [http://www.conceptualguerilla.com Conceptual Guerilla] Now that I have your attention, suffice it to say that our default landscape choices, turf grass and non-native trees and ...
by NoMoreLies
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Goal 19: Establish global land use policies to replenish the natural landscape. [For those who haven't been following this series, I post several per week, each dealing with a specific goal ...
by robertdfeinman
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Goal 15: Reverse the migration from the land to the cities [For those who haven't been following this series, I post about one per day, each dealing with a specific goal for the 21st Century.
by robertdfeinman
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Goal 7: Improve land use planning so most people live nearer the natural landscape. Obstacles As people have become more urbanized they have lost touch with the natural environment. ...
by robertdfeinman
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by sfRenter
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by Vusie T
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