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Well, this is typical. CNBC had a debate going in which our side is outnumbered four to one (three of four being CNBC hosts) at the start of Larry Kudlow's morning show yesterday. I don't know if ...
by Roxpert
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The arrest of a Wall Street investment insider for fraud and manipulative and deceptive practices as he prepared to leave the US should be a story that triggers a push back by the public, the media, ...
by theworksanddays
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Apologies if there have already been diaries on this but in looking up some stuff for a possible article looking at Comcast's opposition to net neutrality and its coming clampdown on liberal voices ...
by modemocrat
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Last year, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that if President Barack Obama could walk on water Republicans and their associates will say "he couldn't swin". Well, Hillary Clinton was right ...
by LaurenMonica
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Paul Ryan will be Chairman of the Budget Committee if the Republicans win the house. History will repeat itself, but not in a good way. Nigel Hamilton repeated an oft used phrase over at HuffPo ...
by Julie Gulden
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For the millions of Americans struggling to find jobs or pay their mortgages, the Dow Jones' flirtation with 11,...
by Jon Perr
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That is, for anyone who doesn't know, the best kind of recovery (fast down, fast up). I googled to see if there were other sources for this, but came up with nothing, so maybe it's just their ...
by Auriandra
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by NCrissieB
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Among the rarely acknowledged truths of American politics is that the U.S. economy in general and the stock market in particular almost ...
by Jon Perr
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I normally don't check out Politico's Arena but I happened to look today and it was worth the trip. http://www.politico.com/arena/ Here was today's question: What "smart ...
by Julie Gulden
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If the recovery begins now, by this time next year, it will be the defining story of the 2010 election cycle.
by StevenLeser
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I happened to catch Larry Kudlow at noon, today. Now, I usually rush to change the channel when I hear his scratchy, whiny, voice cut through the ...
by Granny Doc
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The bankruptcy of Chrysler crystallized a pretty straightforward choice about which side you are on in our society: do you care about what happens to workers and their communities or are you more ...
by Tasini
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Larry Kudlow over at NRO has discovered the key to a GOP comeback. He knows who can lead Republicans back to power. Indeed, just as the GOP's fortunes seem to sink further every day, Mr. Kudlow has ...
by Calvino Partigiani
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Suck on it, tea party haters! Larry Kudlow says the Tea Baggin' is the catalyst behind the stock market rally.
by jamillahh
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Two days after Americans learned that U.S. household wealth plummeted by a staggering $11 trillion (an 18% ...
by Jon Perr
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Swing State Project's DavidNYC has a new poll from Quinnipiac University testing incumbent Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd - the longest-serving United States Senator in Connecticut history - against ...
by Arjun Jaikumar
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So Larry “Tax Kut” Low and the insane gang over at CNBC believe that President Obama is killing the market. I’ve seen them blame him for everything including the drop in their ...
by onlysaneTexanLeft
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I am very happy to see the blogosphere wake up to the fact that CNBC has become a purposeful anti-Obama network. Their on-air talent is mainly right-wing, and this morning they demonstrated their ...
by Roxpert
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The Republican long knives are out for Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd, whose favorability in the Nutmeg State has been dropping since he moved his family to Iowa as part of his quixotic presidential ...
by Arjun Jaikumar
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