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While I want to see financial regulatory reform pass (and the Senate is clearly the biggest hurdle to passage), I think it needs to be done right. I want to applaud Russ Feingold and Maria ...
by Erik the Liberal
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[Cross-posted at The Left Coaster. ] I was very hard on the President Friday morning about his email for haranguing Congress to pass financial “...
by paradox
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by Professor Smartass
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1. Can we win the war in Afghanistan (what exactly is 'winning' anyway)? 2. Will we ever have an economy that is more than a shadow of it's former self? 3. Can America trust it's political system ...
by BOknows
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This won't take long. First ( as some would have it ), Barack Obama, the "unbound" version: (go to 3:15 of the clip, and ...
by nailbender
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My New Year's Resolution was to write a letter a day on climate issues to various politicians and media outlets. I've diaried my output so far in two long compilations which can be ...
by WarrenS
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The move by President Obama to follow the ideas of Paul Volcker seems to push directly into the face of heretofore financial advisor Larry Summers. Summers was not in favor of ANY of the things ...
by Bill Tchakirides
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Note: I'm the author of President Barack Obama: A More Perfect Union , but I wasn't part of the Obama campaign or the Obama administration. After a ...
by JohnKWilson
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you lousy liars. You fed us the b.s. You led us down the primrose path...now go fend for yourself because your lying days are over. Once you got the reins you forgot us...well now we're going to ...
by thedaybeforeyesterday
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[Cross-posted at The Left Coaster. ] The Obama Administration and its stalwart supporters, for the sake of all Americans, should accept a political ...
by paradox
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With millions of people suffering ...
by Laurence Lewis
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*********Update******** Thanks for your participation and kind comments for my diary. Everyone was especially civil and supportive. Lets keep fighting for good sensible regulations and ...
by dvogel001
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bonddad, bobswern, gjohnsit (read this) and many others have put a lot of effort into the debate on the state of the nations economy.
by disrael
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One more time--and for your own sanity if nothing else--please ignore the propaganda about a near-term recovery. A REAL RECOVERY ISN'T HAPPENING ANYTIME SOON A real recovery--...
by bobswern
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Most people still aren't all that up on the many variations on the "highly inventive" market for securities and derivatives -- including 99.9% of the people in the finance industry. However, the ...
by Mark Sumner
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I almost missed this one yesterday, but the WaPo had a profile of Brooksley Born , ...
by dday
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Posted on Evans Politics , April 14, 2009. Visit Evans Politics today! This is a republication revised from earlier today, ...
by seawolf1957
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Posted on Evans Politics , April 14, 2009. Visit Evans Politics today! Today, as I write this, President Obama is making ...
by seawolf1957
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A few weeks ago, in a speech at the Brookings Institution, Lawrence Summers, head of the President’s National Economic Council, rattled off a list of the major crises that have beset the ...
by Eric Zencey
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Crossposted ...
by organicdemocrat
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