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Imagine being struck with a truly horrible disease -- perhaps hepatitis C -- and there is a cure available. A really good cure. What some might describe as a "miracle" of modern medicine. But, wait ...
by james321
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Valencia College now undergoing a probe of another sort. Students at Valencia College are suing, claiming they were forced to undergo transvaginal probes in ...
by Jen Hayden
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If you think the benefits of Fracking and US Domestic Fossil Fuel Drilling, in general - lowered gas prices, and maybe in the distant future less reliance on oil from the Middle East - outweigh the ...
by lizadeeza
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Aaron Slator is now the former president of AT&T's content and advertising sales for the U-verse TV services wing of AT&T. What cost him his job managing billions of dollars? Probably the recently $
by Walter Einenkel
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Elementary school teacher Lina McLean has filed a lawsuit against the school administration, school board members, and security company all responsible for the outrageous school shooting "drill" ...
by Walter Einenkel
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Mike Brown Nothing can bring Ferguson teenager Michael Brown back, but this new lawsuit filed by his family is one step toward justice for ...
by Shaun King
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Cross-Posted from DeSmogBlog DeSmogBlog has obtained dozens of emails that lend an inside view of how the U.S. State Department secretly handed Enbridge a permit to expand the capacity of its U.S.-...
by Steve Horn
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Are you serious? Back in September 2013, Tan Nguyen was driving 78 MPH in a 75 MPH zone. Nevada Deputy Sgt. Lee Dove pulled him over for driving those three miles over the speed limit. Dove asked ...
by Walter Einenkel
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Mike Brown Collage The fight for justice for Mike Brown is far from over. Just this morning, at a news conference at Greater St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church in St. Louis County,
by Shaun King
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I might as well own up right away that the headline is a bit misleading, as only one of these stories involves Exxon. Well, someone has to be in Exxon's pocket. The Koch brothers surely can't ...
by ericf
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Dominique Kenebrew's LinkedIn avatar Dominique Kenebrew alleges he was celebrating his purchase of a new home when sheriff's deputies came by, tried to enter his new home without explaining why, ...
by Walter Einenkel
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Rick Scott is just teflon so far but thanks to the Miami Herald and Tampa Bay Times, they are trying very hard to make his corruption stick somewhere. The 10 times Pultizer Prize winner, The ...
by Vetwife
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The fences surrounding the baseball field at Chaparral High School contain several banners that advertise area businesses, a practice that is not unusual throughout the country. However, the ...
by dsnodgrass
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The man killed by police in Pasco Washington a couple of days ago, Antonio Zambrano-Montes, was a Mexican national and his family is outraged. They have filed a huge lawsuit against the city and ...
by xxdr zombiexx
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TVUSD punished again for financial improprieties A year-long investigation by the California Department of Education (CDE) into the Temecula Valley Unified School District's (TVUSD) special ...
by dsnodgrass
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The con artist Ken and his Answers in Genesis (AiG) group is suing the state of Kentucky . It appears that AiG has - should I say - a divine right to state funding for its proposed Noah's Ark ...
by Merlin1963
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The Riverside Press Enterprise recently asked us to comment for an article they were preparing, and is out now, Schools get reprieve from undercover drug busts . We provided the following written ...
by dsnodgrass
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Meltdown in Temecula as State Investigation Finds Massive Non-Compliance in TVUSD Special Education Temecula, CA is home to the most famous special education department in the United States. However,
by dsnodgrass
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The brutal suppression of Occupy Oakland by Oakland Police and Oakland's Government has now cost Oakland's taxpayers 7688 broken windows (at the official federal funds discount rate of $1000 per ...
by jpmassar
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For folk that seem to dislike "judicial activism," the GOP sure likes it when it goes their way. That is, until they think about how it can come back to bite them. Representative Mike Ritze (R-...
by Village Vet
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