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I love finding new quotes that capture the essence of a good leader. I've run across many over the years and they repeat a theme. It's not about them, it's about you. Let me hear from you guys as ...
by TexDem
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Hillary Clinton can add to her basic stage craft, to her inventory of vocal skills. As a public speaker she needs to reach beyond facts and "process" to the emotional "Why" responses that generate ...
by waterstreet2008
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Former Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton finally answered questions about her e-mail accounts yesterday at a Press Conference. The whole thing about Hillary’s e-mail problems appears to ...
by melshim
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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s invitation to address the Joint Session of Congress was ill-conceived and exposed the poor leadership of the GOP. It was ill-conceived and wrong because it ...
by melshim
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Less than a year ago Rudy Giuliani was telling us Putin is what a "real leader" looks like. Lindsey Graham clutched his pearls in admiration. McCain practically saluted. Fox News wished he could run ...
by pbyer
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Like Jim Wallis, I believe that budgets are moral documents. They reflect our deepest values. Like budget decisions, climate decisions are moral decisions. Decisions that impact the environment ...
by mbenefiel
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I remember as a kid I used to watch my dad drive and think, that doesn't look so hard.  After all, I was pretty good at driving the bumper cars at the amusement park, and how much different could ...
by RationalPolitics
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Its starting out as a very bad year for Big Coal, and its likely to get worse. Norway's national sovereign wealth fund (world's largest) says NO to Coal and Tar Sands investments Bills in ...
by Lefty Coaster
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We are faced with decisions about how to react and how much force to put behind our actions everyday. As parents we want our reactions to be appropriate and constructive. We don't want to be just ...
by RationalPolitics
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As we begin Black History month today, I think back to prominent African Americans lost to history - and so eloquently covered by Denise Oliver Velez here: How Much Do You Know About Black History? .
by Chris Reeves
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Do you get the feeling when you see the growing number of Republican candidates for the 2016 primary jockeying for position on TV that you are watching a TV rerun? You should because many of them ...
by melshim
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This is my first diary, so please bear with me. This just came out on MSN, written by Kevin Cirilli for The Hill. Governor Hickenlooper thinks Colorado made a mistake legalizing pot, because: ...
by ProudAmericanLiberal
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"I was hoping to speak with someone at Climate Hawks Vote," reads the email from a staffer for a Democratic member of Congress. A handful of tweets can catch the attention of Congress, reports a ...
by RLMiller
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Last night President Obama gave what certainly will be rated as his best state of the union address. With the economy making good recovery as a result of his leadership that has endured a persistent ...
by melshim
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After getting five or six emails with subjects like "This is on us" and "I need to know you'll be there," from people with names like Barack Obama, I decided that they must be serious this time. ...
by happymisanthropy
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Shai Galili, the comptroller of the Israeli political party Likud (the main right-wing party in Israel and the main partner in the Israeli governing coalition), has disqualified Israeli Prime ...
by DownstateDemocrat
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Picture the ship of state, rudderless; the quarterdeck deserted; destination unknown.
by Quabbin
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It’s convenient to blame Democratic leaders for the Party’s disastrous 2014 midterm elections. But which leaders? Who runs the Democratic Party? Not President Obama. He may be the commander-in-
by bobburnett
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I was browsing through my LinkedIn Pulse email blast the other day and I came across this post ...
by Doctor Jazz
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The joy of winning an election is that immediately following it you can talk with radio callers about things you really believe in. Today, Kris Kobach, Kansas Secretary of State, took to the ...
by Chris Reeves
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