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Today Reid/Schumer/Leahy will hold a press conference on their plan of stripping the Insurance Industry of their anti-trust exemption. This exemption had been implemented since 1945 and no other ...
by Drdemocrat
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Exhausted as I am by watching way too much C-Span today, and cursing Max Baucus and his ilk six ways to Sunday, I still had enough energy to be delighted by this: Senate Dems Unveil ...
by pablito
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Instead of just screaming this idea in the comments of veratis' liveblog of Obama's townhall ...
by Lib Stone
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Gay Rights Activists and Senators have lately decided that to try to get their laws passed instead of a full committee, have decided to push their laws as amendments into appropriations bills. Okay,
by calchala
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If you have been on Huffpo you will see an article from the three Senators asking us to sign a petition in support of a public option. Now I know there have been many petitions to sign and such but ...
by theone718
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Please sign this petition for public health care started today by Senators Leahy, Durbin, and Schumer. ...
by lovespiral
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Yesterday, Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) delivered a speech at the University of the District of Columbia&...
by Hannah McCrea
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By John Wilkes from Eyesonobama.com: Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy, a Democrat of Vermont, came to the ...
by eyesonobama
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By David from Eyesonobama.com: David Swanson was the press secretary for the presidential campaign of Dennis Kucinich and ...
by eyesonobama
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As the Senate Judiciary Hearing on Torture ended today, someone in the audience shouted out to Senator Lindsay Graham, We want the rule of law for everyone; it's (torture's) illegal, ...
by soaglow
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With Bush FBI Director Robert Mueller confirming that we heard him right, that he didn't "believe" ...
by Ralph Lopez
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There is currently a diary by Senator Patrick Leahy sitting on the Recommended Diaries list, in which he makes his pitch ...
by 3WaveRider
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Sen. Leahy, please accept my genuine thanks for choosing to make your case on Daily Kos and also accept -- in the spirit of vigorous debate befitting a democracy -- my rejection of your proposal for ...
by jfaustus
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I guess Leahy went to meet with the White House attorney to discuss any sort of proceedings with accountability. I sincerely doubt this will happen, but wouldn't it be cool? Leahy's basic point is ...
by MarcMus
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I get free long distance on my cell phone, and I use it every day to call the offices of Senators Leahy and Reid, as well as congresspersons Pelosi and Conyers, to ask why Karl Rove is not in prison ...
by RepackRider
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I went and saw The Dark Knight this weekend and I must say, its the BEST.MOVIE.EVER. There is some interesting trivia you may not know. But first, check out the scene below.
by scottsp64
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This looks promising...as long as they don't back down...again. It is baffling to me how ...
by happy in MA
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NPR reported it this way this morning (Im paraphrasing) Leahy says "Hillary has no good reason to stay in the race......" Hillary retorts " There are millions of reasons.... all the voters in the ...
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