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Greg Palast has published a bombshell article proving what many have long suspected -- that the global financial crisis was deliberately engineered by a small cabal of bank industry bigwigs. A ...
by AmBushed
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First of all, this leak is about a week old. I apologize if this has been diaried previously, but I did not find any in the search. Currently on MyDD, one of ...
by justmy2
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(This is a repeat of my diary from last week, entitled "Hillary Clinton will concede two weeks from today" -- which prediction I feel still applies regardless of the media focus of the last few days)
by smithnewyork
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Hey everyone. I was quite busy yesterday, so today, it's Two cartoons for the price of One... FREE! Anyway the first involves the withdrawal of British troops from Iraq and is called "Breaking ...
by headzup
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Hey... I never saw this coming..... Apparently the War on Terro is a contrivance suited to building political power and accomplishing a few things and it's scheduled to be curtailed a bit before ...
by xxdr zombiexx
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by Freedom Friar
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