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Republicans like to rant a lot about big government and constitutional intent and judicial activism, yet, when push comes to shove, most, including those elected to office, don't seem to have a ...
by Brian Ross
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Once again the news headlines are being dominated by ridiculous accusations initially spread by right wing and GOP operatives about President Obama's faith, especially in light of recent polls ...
by 728huey
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So, the Republicans have figured out an election strategy. It can't be the economy, because they're already getting the full benefit of the Obama economic recovery program's shortcomings, and too ...
by Laurence Lewis
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Occasionally in watching the business tv shows and the normally pro Republican talking heads on them, there is a bright spot such as when a confident and knowledgeable reporter like Mark Haines on ...
by theworksanddays
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Articles in The New York Times ...
by WhatsRequiredKY
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Senator DeMint of South Carolina continues to get lots of press as he rants and raves to prove he is the most right wing or "Conservative" Senator and this includes his "hold" on the nominee for the ...
by theworksanddays
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Lee Atwater was the Republican pitbull who taught Karl Rove much of what Karl knows when it comes to winning at any cost. Atwater helped coin the phrase “wedge issues.” Atwater was the ...
by feldo
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And so I now write another post about healthcare. Most of my threads have been about why Obama and the Democrats have been losing the healthcare debate. This one follows that trend. In this post I ...
by oceanstar17
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A little background first: Like everyone I am a creature of my environment, and I'll freely admit my biases because it's part of who I am. Without revealing a lot about my identity, I can tell y'...
by shpilk
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Glenn Beck. Lou Dobbs. And Rush Limbaugh, most of all. I've listened to their hate-filled screeds on & off for years (always keep an eye on your enemies), but with their latest rantings, they've ...
by NorthernDragon
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"Secret Muslim" continues today as a nasty, damaging propaganda theme. Angry White Males, but also America's 15,000,000 victims of mental disorders are targeted. From McCain to McConnell, GOPers ...
by vets74
Comment Count 9 comments on Thu Jun 18, 2009 at 10:08 AM PDT with 2 Recommends
DEFENSE AGAINST THE DARK ARTS.... Angry White Males have been prey for political Authoritarians since the early days of the Cold War. Nixon and Atwater perfected the tactics. Now at Moonie Times, ...
by vets74
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You all have heard about the strange RNC attack ad leveled against Nancy ...
by Phoenix Woman
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Liberals unfairly "playing the race card" is a frequent accusation among those on the Right, and with some justification. Dismissing one's opponent as a blanket racist is akin to ...
by thereisnospoon
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I have finally settled on a favorite genre. I've decided that I like quirky autobiographical accounts of just about anything. I've just finished reading these books:
by otto
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Why should people who have served out their time or done community service or finished their probation or parole, be forced to carry a felony conviction on their records for the rest of their lives?
by Angel of Africa
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So I have been thinking this over ever since I saw the Lee Atwater biography on PBS a few days after the election. It just hit me how all of the bull that they were throwing at Obama this year was ...
by sgwhiteinfla
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Sophia Nelson writes in the Sunday edition of the Washington Post...'It's my party, but I don't feel part of it'...and goes on to say how she pretty much had to hold her nose in order to vote for ...
by rpinero
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I noticed two diaries about the film "Boogie Man", a film i think everyone everywhere should see: One on the front page:
by viktor salieri
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Watching the subdued cooperation in the transition of the White House from the Babylonian Captivity of Bush to the hopeful advent of an Obama era one is reminded of an interesting back story about ...
by Morton Montgomery
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