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Is it just me, or are the Republicans still flailing around, nearly two weeks after a pretty decisive election victory by President Obama and his Democratic allies? It's been more than a week and a ...
by wdrath
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To me, far and away the best line of the entire 2012 presidential campaign was when President Obama said that Romney represented the... ...foreign policy of the 1980's, the social policy of the 1950'
by wdrath
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As an official, longtime member of the hand-wringers' society here on dailykos, a political junkie and, worst of all, a poll junkie, all of the ups and downs with the polling lately has been, of ...
by wdrath
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Does Romney Really Want to Be President? That's the subject of an article in The Nation by Leslie Savan (see link below). Oddly enough, this has been a subject on my mind for a while now, because, ...
by wdrath
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Here's an open letter to Mittch-A-Sketch Romney from a somewhat disappointed Obama supporter: Dear Mittch-A-Sketch: In your convention speech, you asked folks who may not be as enthusiastic about ...
by wdrath
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A lot of people have speculated about what, if any, major issue would give Mittch-A-Sketch Romney a game-changing advantage going into the fall election. Something has occurred to me of late, about ...
by wdrath
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