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I have had to overcome a potentially crippling handicap that had me doubting my own sanity. It has been a religious dark night of the soul with an all too real physiological origin. It has also been ...
by bisleybum
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Clark’s face was like a kiwi—a big angry kiwi that had been left on a windowsill for so long that the sun had blanched it a blotchy cream color. None of the hairs on his head were longer than ¾ ...
by Virally Suppressed
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Gun shootings have been in the news pretty much on a constant basis since Newtown. So much so, we've stopped feeling the shock and outrage at the senselessness of these shootings. It's been 544 days ...
by JDWolverton
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Recently diagnosed with advanced colon cancer, and given only months to live, Sam Simon, co-creator of The Simpsons and nine-time Emmy winner, is donating his fortune to charities. The 58-year old ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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On Tuesday, January 15, 2013, in Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell's state, Kentucky, a young man who was in a child custody dispute with his girlfriend, "snapped" then legally purchased a semi-...
by TeamSarah4Choice
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Where else but Florida, where a man named "Jock" pulled out his concealed carry handgun to shoot another customer while they both waited in line for pizza at a Little Caesar's restaurant: Police ...
by Steven D
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Some years ago when grandchildren first reared their darling little heads in my life, I started to wonder what would become of such children who were nurtured in a loving, pacifying environment as ...
by Capriccio
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I am one of those female vets you read about. One of them. I won't go into detail, but lets just say some bad things happened to me while I was in the service. Things that left me with PTSD. I ...
by GreenMother
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OK, you’re mad, we hear you. You have every reason to be. Your blood pressure is through the roof. Your family and friends would tell you to calm down, but you’d rip their heads off. It�
by cassandracarolina
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It is worth noting that there has been a great deal of rage on Kos as of late. It is important to be able to express our anger and anger can be expressed in healthy ways, or unhealthy ways. ...
by Badabing
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I know you're angry. Furious, outraged, insulted, frustrated and I appreciate your battle for your cause. But right now, today, I'm sorry but I just can't care a much as you'd like me to. And it's ...
by Its All So Goofy
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4 1/2 years ago, when Stephen Colbert was still a regular correspondent on The Daily Show and Howard Dean was still the apple of the Democratic Party's eye, I nearly busted a gut at this classic ...
by Brainwrap
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I know this comes as no shock to you, but John McCain is a very angry man! He's got to get a handle on that ol' temper of his! And the angrier he gets, the more the media covers his anger, which ...
by Kula2316
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McCain's anger Problem.
by Voodoo king
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There are a few family members I've avoided talking with over the last seven years. Just to 'keep the peace,' just because I'm a 'nice guy' and don't want to wreck a family gathering by getting into ...
by superba
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Three weeks ago, I wrote this piece on hate , and on how hating back does nothing to ease the situation when we find ...
by Killer of Sacred Cows
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Amidst all of the crazy-ass manufactured outrage by the McCain campaign and the right-wing media about Obama's non-visit to Ramstein was ...
by Misery Gore
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So, who is lying, John McCain? Somebody is making up a story here, either you or Thad Cochran, fellow Repugnant. And why didn't any of the lapdog media ask that question? I'm just askin'
by Coach Jay
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Remember this one? McCain wanted Obama to join his own separate group, which was ...
by FenderT206
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In a press availability last night in New Hampshire, on the eve of the New Hampshire primaries, Senator John McCain re-asserted his hawkish positions strongly, and in a manner not necessarily ...
by Trips
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