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A report on yesterda's Pete Peterson Fiscal Summit in Washington is a lesson in False Equvalence 101: American political heavyweights gathered in Washington today. They met to tackle ...
by eXtina
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Spotted on a car in Littleton, Colorado this AM. Here's one.
by blue aardvark
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The President mistakenly cites irony, and the next day, The New York Times asserts that he had cited hypocrisy.
by MonkeyPundit
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We need to demonize Blacks whenever possible!
by harlinchi
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Cross-posted at Eclectablog.com . Got this in an email from the Tea Party Nation today: If you could fog a mirror in 2008, you no doubt saw ...
by Eclectablog
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You can Depend on Howie Kurtz -- to always promote the backbiting ...
by Steven D
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I have made the decision to discontinue investing my money and time in Daily Kos and the Daily Kos community. It has come to my attention that this community, including its founder, Markos Moulitsas,
by Age of Quarrel
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The subject of my diary today is in response to the massive right wing noice machine that dominates the AM dial and cable. With the Citizen's United decision and the very chilling effort to change ...
by Indiana Bob
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We have the greatest income inequality in our nation's history, but for some strange reason people are incredibly misinformed about who has the most stuff. Take a look at this chart ...
by Steven D
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This morning's New York Times has an article about communities that wind up owing millions on publicly-funded stadiums that have ...
by Pericles
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Don't you just love the 'liberal media'? In a surprise (not a shocker) Chris Cilliza of the WaPo ...
by billybam
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I don't personally care about the planned Glenn Beck rally at the Lincoln Memorial on the Mall scheduled for August 28, 2010. August 28th, for anyone unfamiliar with its symbolic meaning is the ...
by Steven D
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I've long felt that, as a whole, the media was biased towards sensationalism, not liberalism. The media needs to drive people towards them, and by blowing up non-stories out of proportion, many of ...
by chparadise
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There is now a list going around in conservative websites purporting to be "The List" of media participants in Journolist. It'...
by Cenk Uygur
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You might wonder why I'm bringing up old news about our Vacationer-in-Chief . For the record Bush took ...
by Steven D
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As a Tea Party Libertarian and Proud Patriotic American, it pleasures me like nothing else in all of Creation to win this argument. Right here. Right now. I have PROOF that global warming is a ...
by Arthur Tell
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Really, good people, this is urgent: The president has some serious psychological issues - President's personality disorder is a very difficult problem - and he needs help.
by blackwaterdog
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The Tea Baggers have taught me many lessons, so I thought I would share them with the Daily Kos community: 1.) If you would like to start a truly grassroots movement, get a major news ...
by James Renruojos
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Ah the myth of the liberal media. CNN writes Anti-abortion activist to be sentenced in doctor's slaying Scott Roeder was convicted of murder. He was ...
by angry liberaltarian
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In case you missed the Sunday coverage that the vile, liberal, degenerate so-called media outlet called the New York Times gave to Obama's ...
by Dante Atkins
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