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Likud admits intent of BibiSpeech was spiking/influencing/shifting/juicing/winning IsraelElections2015 -- Senior Likud sources: Netanyahu may not win election 'Speech to Congress should have ...
by ivote2004
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(( click for Hebrew + Video )) Very credible retired & reserve members from the highest ranks of Israel's security establishment are doing everything they can within the rules to urge Israeli ...
by ivote2004
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Cross Posted at The Progressive Zionist Now that the Israeli elections are over the questions are just beginning. Questions such as, What coalitions will form? What if any change going forward will ...
by volleyboy1
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Cross Posted at The Progressive Zionist Well, if you thought the campaign season here (in the U.S.) was fraught with vitriol, charges against patriotism, all manner of crazed predictions... (as ...
by volleyboy1
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The Palestine Papers, or some of them, are now out and causing turmoil in lots of places. There is a great deal of commentary surrounding those papers about what the Palestinian side was or was ...
by Christy1947
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It was clear by January 5, 2009 that something terrible had happened to the Al-Samouni family, after a few survivors of the bombed building reached the hospital. In front of Al Jazeera ...
by Tom J
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by StevenLeser
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We'll do this as a Q&A, OK?
by aemathisphd
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Little Alex in Wonderland : Netanyahu vows to not return ...
by 6dbl5321
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Anyone see the amazing Bob Simon report on 60 Minutes last night? It was the best report I've ever seen on this subject. They discuss the apartheid conditions on the West Bank and the possible end ...
by OscarSlugworth
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Little Alex in Wonderland : Prof. Chomsky speaks at MIT on Gaza, Israel, ...
by 6dbl5321
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Little Alex in Wonderland : TRNN interviews Phyllis Bennis to ...
by 6dbl5321
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The leader of Kadima has recently halted efforts to form a coalition government and it appears Israel is again headed to early elections. The most recent conventional wisdom was that if such an ...
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