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Originally published at Tikkun Daily | From 1999-2010, the total U.S. prison population rose 18 percent , an increase largely reflected by the "drug war" and stringent sentencing guidelines, such ...
by David Harris Gershon
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Link to petition From the action email ... Twenty-five years ago, George H.W. Bush’s infamous Willie Horton ad and the media frenzy surrounding the crack epidemic combined to put a definitively ...
by kbman
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Florida Atlantic University has inexplicably chosen to name its football stadium after GEO Group, a private prison firm accused of horrendous human rights abuses . And what will FAU receive in ...
by David Harris Gershon
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How far is ex democratic Arizona state senator Kyrsten Sinema willing to go to get a congressional post in the newly formed Arizona CD9? Well, apparently she has no problem with taking money from an ...
by carlosgalindo
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The Supreme Court has decided on SB1070 and it appears that little by little the most aggressive anti-immigrant legislation created in U.S. history is being dismantled. It was born in a laboratory ...
by carlosgalindo
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