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In less than two years, the Obama administration has racked up several remarkable achievements, among them an economic stimulus package, healthcare reform and financial services reform. But with ...
by YesWeCanLI
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Today, 9 years ago, I was in Lower Manhattan witnessing the day. On that day, I shared the journey trying to leave Manhattan with a good friend. And on that day, we worried about the whereabouts ...
by kishik
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Hello and welcome to Friday Evening Photo Blogging. For this photo diary I have two separate stories from Queens County, a little historic essay and an "ode to joy" from the borough of Archie Bunker.
by Eddie C
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There's an awful lot of talk on my teevee about the ginormous enthusiasm gap between Republicans and Democrats this election cycle. Sure, it makes perfect sense that Republicans are motivated to ...
by casperr
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Having just returned from an eight-day post-disaster relief trip to Haiti, I was delighted to be invited to an earthquake benefit dinner at C.W. Post on Long Island to discuss what I had learned. ...
by jimluce
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This is the second part of three posts analyzing the congressional districts President Barack Obama underperformed in. It will focus on his relative weakness in the northeast. The third part can be ...
by Inoljt
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Loula Loi Alafoyiannis introduced me to Vicky Tzolis in Congresswoman Carolyn B. ...
by jimluce
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Yes We Can! Long Island Rally for a Strong Public ...
by YesWeCanLI
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When outside agitators come into a community, does one sit idly by or does one take a stand? When outside agitators came into Merrick, Long Island, to rally against health care reform, Yes We ...
by YesWeCanLI
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So, after I mailed off the brief to the federal case, I went to walk around Sag Harbor to sell some books. I stopped into an artist’s studio on a side street and met the sculptor Nathan Slate ...
by john de herrera
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Corporate Censorship is nothing new. Corporations have been working on shaping the publics view on a myriad of issues throughout history. Creating patriotism in WW2 and after 9/11, to starting wars ...
by CommonSense2k8
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One hundred thirty Long Islanders, eager to grow the grassroots progressive movement throughout their communities, met Saturday, March 21, in Glen Cove for the Founding Convention of Yes We Can! ...
by YesWeCanLI
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Most of you are probably not aware that there was another significant special election going on in New York State today. Back in November, Democrat and Brookhaven Town Supervisor Brian Foley beat ...
by sesquitastic
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Black Friday was the final day on this earth for Jdimytai Damour, a 34 year old temporary maintenance worker at a Wal Mart store on Long Island. When Damour went to work that morning at the Valley ...
by kpshea
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I'm originally a New Yorker, my family is still on Long Island and my folks live about 20 minutes or so away from Valley Stream. I was curious about what the New York Papers would have to say about ...
by contessakitty
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Democrat Graham Long, a 25-year-old politico from Locust Valley, is challenging eight-term U.S. Rep. Peter King, a Republican from Seaford, in the 3rd Congressional District. King, a fiscal ...
by Graham Long for Congress
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With Republican presidential nominee John McCain denouncing the Bush administration and the president nowhere to be found in close Senate and House races, Rep. Peter King nonetheless is standing ...
by Graham Long for Congress
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This week Graham Long attended several candidate forums where he got to discus issues that are on voters minds. From energy, veterans benefits, nuclear energy, and how to bring change to Washington ...
by Graham Long for Congress
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by Graham Long for Congress
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How the Stonybrook college democrats chapter in Long Island, New York registered 700 college students to vote in only 24 hours!
by NY College Dems
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