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You may have missed the president's speech earlier today. If you did, here is a link to ...
by zoee2102
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Before tonight's Illegal Meeting and Vote in Wisconsin State Senator Fitzgerald admitted what this is all really about. If we win this battle, and the money is not there under the ...
by Frank Vyan Walton
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Interesting U.S. news coverage of the trial of Russian billionaire Mikhairl Khordorkovsky. He has been tried and convicted of corruption and the U.S. Department of State and U.S. press report ...
by dcampbell
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Originally posted with graphic here .
by Mike Stagg
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As I understand it corporations are people , with all the Constitutional rights of people, except for the facts that they cannot "die" or be ...
by Andiamo
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Iceland Votes Today: Will Each Happily Payoff $28,000 of "Their" Multinational Corporations' Gambling Debts? Americalanders should be watching the situation ...
by Andiamo
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A quick and unscientific glance at what it is that seems to carry more weight; the care and comfort of the people, who by no fault of their own, are victims of natural disasters, or the protection ...
by rpinero
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I was watching Robert Gibbs discussing the reasons that 'we Americans' should be supporting President Obama's confidence in the confirmation for Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the FED, and it all felt so,
by Badabing
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He was in large part a showman, and probably more a showman than a curator, and he changed the way museums look at their function in society. He essentially created the blockbuster show with the ...
by annetteboardman
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That's the headline over at Huffington Post. I wanted to just copy it over here for MOT and others who ...
by labor in vain
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Welcome to the new feudalism, where financial parasites can loot the few hundred bucks a month retirees receive to survive, in order to take their bullshit fees. Next stop: debtor's prisons.
by TylerFromNE
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Well, its becoming clear where the $31 billion we pumped into Afghanistan with the objective of building up the countries infrastructure has gone. The looters have arrived and they are not the ...
by LaFeminista
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AIG is the scandal that never dies. There was the first bailout for $85 billion. The second bailout for $65 billion. The third bailout for $30 billion. The $165 million in bonuses to the employees ...
by Matt OBrien
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Washington, D.C. Even as crowds throng the nation's capital celebrating the inauguration of the country's first Hawaiian-American president, reports are beginning to surface of widescale vandalism ...
by xaxnar
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One of Bush's pardons upsets me quite a bit, and it has not been mentioned on DailyKos, as far as I can tell. I thought I would express my frustration in this forum rather than just stewing about it.
by annetteboardman
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I have always been a fan of Japan. I have been there four times, including on my honeymoon. I even had the pleasure of living for a year in Kyoto working at Kyoto University. It is, in many ways, a ...
by mole333
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While it seems that most recent diaries on Dkos revolve around Joe Lieberman, or someone's personal tale related to Obama's election, or Prop 8, etc., it seems like the bailout discussion has grown ...
by Maxlongstreet
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Yahoo Headline: "Bush lobbies furiously for Congress to pass bailout plan" (The white house was especially targeting the 133 House Republicans who voted against the package...)
by sooner
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Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank stood at a podium Sunday and announced their approval of a $700 billion-dollar raid on the US Treasury. Tell the guards to get out the forklifts and help load ...
by jimbo92107
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Fri 9/20/08 on Real Time with Bill Maher: Naomi Klein's SHOCK Doctrine= The bomb dropped on Mainstreet USA is a time bomb of debt: All the money available to the USA has been looted, so there will ...
by dosaybe
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