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Across the country new legislation is being introduced to remove any and all exemptions, whether they be religious or philosophical, to vaccine mandates. Unfortunately, because vaccines are such an ...
by Free2BUandMe
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Duran attempts to save herself. Lol. Oh, this is too damn funny. A New Mexican Republican is so ashamed of her party affiliation that she had staffers frantically painting over the word "Republican"
by BadKitties
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Last week America got to see what a “Real Conservative” looks like during Commandant Ted Cruz's brilliant GOP-led Shutdown. America saw what “small government” looked like and America ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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I believe that yes, we shall. Media Matters On the May 21 edition of The Alex Jones Show, a caller asked Jones whether he was planning to cover how government technology may be behind a recent ...
by blue aardvark
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There are such things as cool nerdy people - the kind who are smart, read a lot, have detailed knowledge of a wide range of subjects, and whose awkwardness is just a product of having preoccupied ...
by Troubadour
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It looks like the lulz surrounding the quick and painful demise of the Romney campaign aren't going to subside anytime soon. From today's Boston Globe: Romney campaign spent $25,000 on ...
by atomicskunk
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by Xavier Onassis EMTP
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If the video below is to be believed, the brain trust over at pickapop.fr has trademarked the Anonymous logo. You know, the suit in front of the globe with the laurels and the question mark head? ...
by Xavier Onassis EMTP
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RINO Romney wins the day, and the Keyboard Kommandos over at FReep haz a sad. Here are some schadenfreudey messages of misery for your enjoyment, but don't look for any links. Free Republic dot com ...
by qannabbos
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Now you have gone to far with your greed. Some advertising I can understand but when you start playing audio clips when I go to Daily Koss and have advertisement that I have to click off covering ...
by tipmra
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Here at Top Comments we round up some of the site's best, funniest, most mojo'd and most informative commentary. We depend on your help with talent spotting. If you see a comment by ...
by cskendrick
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Directly from: lulzsecurity.com/releases Chinga La Migra Bulletin #1: We are releasing hundreds of private intelligence bulletins, ...
by shantysue
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As part of Anonymous dKos, I intend to spread the word. Newest video from Anonymous What Is the Plan (and really empowering I might add) is below the fold. Today I hear the democrats are joining ...
by shantysue
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Just more Lulz stuff, so just pass it by if it doesn't interest you. I'll link to the articles/sites that I think are pertinent below the fold. So far, LULZ is grey-hat hacking. I must admit to ...
by shantysue
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Per Reuters: The Senate's website was hacked over the weekend, leading to a review of all of its websites, in the latest embarrassing breach of security to hit a major U.S.-based institution. Here'...
by shantysue
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I haven't seen this posted on DKOS anywhere, so I'm posting it. Hopefully it will be of interest to techies and non techies alike. This being a first time posting a diary, I hope you'll be gentle. ...
by somewierdguy
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This was originally posted at love.me-hate....
by lovemeh8me
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Kossacks, I won't lie to you. I'm worried. Worried not so much even about the Public Option in the healthcare debate, nor the possibility of the fuster-cluck that would be mandated insurance, ...
by Jaimas
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i wuz readin dkos 2day to find out wut ppl were crying about and who lost there job and whoz prnts died n i saw grnny dc's diary and i wzu all like f'real granny!
by Vincenzo Giambatista
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Yesterday the Huffington Post published this nugget by dancing monkey Lanny Davis: Latest Gallup National ...
by Cardinal Tiger
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