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In 1995, a young woman discovered a rash that looked strangely like a bull’s eye on her stomach but she ignored it. A few years later she began having pain in her knees, irregular heart beats, ...
by eclift
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MAYDAY! Take A Bite Out of Lyme and Thunderclap for ME/CFS/ME are some of the campaigns occurring in May for NEID awareness. Also new, a major lupus study seeks participants.
by Besame
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APRIL is U.S. Sexual Assault Awareness Month (see also Panayiota Bertzikis's March 29 diary , the DK House of LIGHTS group, last April'...
by postmodernista
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Well, there is a soap opera feel to this, and chief contributor to this winds up being the disrespect patients with tick-borne illnesses receive. So thanks CDC/IDSA for the extra layer(s) of ...
by lisakaz
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While people focus on rising seas and rising temperatures as the globe warms, things are happening here and now with a direct effect on people. Not 50 years from now. Not next century. Now.
by xaxnar
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In the midst of my continued struggle to overcome what to me HAS to revolve around tick-borne illnesses, I fully realize that the lack of a straightforward path affects far more people than myself. ...
by lisakaz
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This entry revolves around the continuing saga of treating my tick-born illness(es) and trying to get to a place of wellness in many respects. I am continuing to see a Lyme Literate MD (LLMD) but ...
by lisakaz
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I have wondered what to write about this journey I am on with DH. How have we done it? Because we had to. This is my Lyme resumé. This is more or less just the facts of my illness since 1995. ...
by Regina in a Sears Kit House
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Sometimes, it feels as exciting as watching paint dry, though sometimes accomplishing the smallest things, like sitting in a FIR sauna for 45 minutes, seems like running a triathlon. I cannot ...
by lisakaz
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I just discovered a tick on my back, where it has happily been sucking my blood since last Sunday, when I fell while I was hiking in the woods near Williamsburg VA. (Don't ask me how the damn thing ...
by peregrine kate
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Science and how science should be discussed: Commentary on a fact based science should be fact based. By this I mean don't say "it is fact based" rather make it fact based. Daily KOS has many ...
by infotech
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by mettle fatigue
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This entry marks my third and final installment regarding the book, "Why Can't I Get Better? Solving the Mystery of Lyme and Chronic Disease" by ...
by lisakaz
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Since at least one person slammed me for my first diary post, I will post something of current importance to me. Dr. Richard Horowitz wrote a very long book on chronic illness, specifically Lyme ...
by lisakaz
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Two weeks have elapsed, and our adopted shelter dog Logan is settling in nicely. He's getting more accustomed to being around the water, and his coat is morphing from a sandy off-white "shelter color"
by cassandracarolina
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shanikka's quilt UnaSpenser suffers from autoimmune and neurologic problems as a result of Lyme Disease. This has had a terrible impact on her life, to the point where she now needs weekly IV ...
by Sara R
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Timaeus' quilt, showing backing Our friend, UnaSpenser, suffers neurologic and autoimmune problems from Lyme Disease. From Wikipedia : Lyme disease is the most common tick-borne disease in the ...
by Sara R
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Southern Tick Associated Rash Illness or what the doctor didn't know. Update 3-5-2013 - please see below I got bit Sunday February 17th during a volunteer workday out in the woods pulling ...
by PHScott
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I was listening to Ed Schultz this morning when a man identifying himself as a doctor came on the air and urged that the body of Adam Lanza, the Newtown shooter, be immediately tested for Lyme ...
by RobLewis
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Obama lost the first debate. I don't think that is up for "debate". Obama lost. The next question is why did he lose? Well I think some people would say he was not plussed like Romney was. Obama ...
by themoderateman
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