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This weekend I saw some teabaggers demonstrating on the street corner by the local mall. At the stop light, I rolled down the car window and gave them the Lord’s Own Superfinger, in ...
by The Reverend and Doctor Omed
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The Chamber of Commerce—that's the U.S. Chamber of Commerce—proved once again how anti-American it is when it comes to supporting U.S. industry. In Findlay, Ohio, unions had ...
by Tula Connell
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I am really starting to get really pissed about all these Equity/Investment Companies getting into the real merchandise business. Only to close factories, and plants because the bottom line doesn't ...
by sharistuff
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When my daughter was in the 8th grade she was given the assignment of collecting 2 personal stories of the depression. Where they lived, what happened, how it affected their lives. Everyone thinks ...
by sharistuff
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We heard Bill O'Reilly is having trouble finding American-made T-...
by Tula Connell
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So, the world isn't flat after all. Not that some of us ever bought into Thomas Friedman-speak. But many in this country did, especially ...
by Tula Connell
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There have been quite a few diaries about purchasing American cars and many of them have been loaded with some very frightening comments. The hyperbole is flying with this topic, such as: If you ...
by Ellinorianne
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So throughout this 2008 Presidential campaign, we heard lots of discussion about who “loves” America, yet I never did hear any talk from either campaign about how people can love America ...
by Political Mamma
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by isomsuthers
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