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"He may be a very nice man. But I haven't got the time to figure that out. All I know is, he's got a uniform and a gun and I have to relate to him that way. That's the only way to relate to ...
by JoanMar
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At last week's town hall meeting in Presque Isle, Maine Governor Paul LePage closed out the event with a jaw-dropping claim that using "2015 mining technology", aka fracking, doesn't pollute. A link ...
by maineprogressiveswarehouse
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Maine Gov. Paul LePage recently falsely stated that horror author Stephen King doesn't live in Maine or pay taxes during a weekly radio address . "Remember who introduced ...
by FaithGardner
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Note: This is a community diary with contributions from many members of the Support the Dream Defenders group. When using their Capital Punishment systems, Red State governors at a minimum ...
by JoanMar
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(Originally posted and updated at Maine Progressives Warehouse ) Interesting lil weekly address here today by Maine Governor Paul LePage (emphasis mine):
by maineprogressiveswarehouse
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I need a family attorney, pro bono. The courts are closing the custody case. I'm on waiting lists for pro bono, but I have been for years. The alphabet soup orgs have more important cases. Custody ...
by LoreleiHI
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Yesterday it was reported that Republican Maine State Sen. Michael Willette suggested that President Obama will see ISIS at family reunion . Mike Tipping, who broke yesterday's story, did some ...
by Spud1
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There has been talk lately in Maine about what sort of legacy Gov. Paul LePage will leave the Pine Tree State, and it seems unfiltered comments is a early front-runner. Maine State Sen. Mike ...
by Spud1
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The Support the Dream Defenders group at Daily Kos has an ongoing FOIA Project to put pressure on Red State governors who Refuse to Expand Medicaid. We think that the refusal is blithely ...
by Tortmaster
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My taxes have always been complicated because I'm an author who also holds a full-time job and has to pay alimony and stuff like that. I don't make much money, but still I have to go through all the ...
by cephasatl
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I have read the Department of Justice report on their non-indictment of Darren Wilson, and, quite frankly, I am very disappointed. The report reads as if Bob McCulloch, the St. Louis county ...
by JoanMar
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This is a quick post based on a Huffington Post report. The governor’s plan, which would hit groups ranging from nature preserves and summer camps to charity hospitals and private colleges,
by xaxnar
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Yes this is a real thing reported on Associated Press. http://bigstory.ap.org/article/7ac695ed2d9f452ebe5a767234294c4d/maine-weighs-revoking-seat-belt-law-days-after-75-car#overlay-context= Sen. ...
by yingyang
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About 2 weeks ago, 2 members of Support the Dream Defenders boldly went where no member of STDDs has gone before, to a town called Netroots Radio, and 2 detectives were on them like powdered sugar ...
by 2thanks
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The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, has made a difference in the ...
by JoanMar
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Three years ago, February 26, 2012, to be exact, a 17-year-old young man left his home to go pick up snacks for himself and his younger brother. On his way back to his loved ones, he took a ...
by JoanMar
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The Mason City, Iowa Globe Gazette is reporting that an unspecified number of children at a Blair, Nebraska day care have been placed in quarantine. More below Jenny McCarthy's book sales going up ...
by Village Vet
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You don't see so many blacksmiths nowadays. Land of Enchantment, July 25, 2014 Many a family has its legends, passed down from generation to generation in ever vaguer terms, without a hint of ...
by fenway49
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The [Support the Dream Defenders http://www.dailykos.com/user/Support%20The%20Dream%20Defenders] Daily Kos Group has recently initiated an important project to assist those around the country who ...
by JoanMar
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Gov. Paul LePage (R-ME) More than 6,000 people in Maine are getting more than usually screwed by the hole-riddled U.S. safety net ...
by Laura Clawson
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