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I need your help. Which states can be governed by a simple majority? If the current US Senate rules are so great, you'd expect them to be replicated in lots of States right? And if any ...
by Scientician
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So, David Axelrod says we should have an up-or-down vote on health care reform. And he's ...
by Laurence Lewis
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You've heard it repeated over and over again. "Partisan gridlock." It is some sort of being or force of nature. We must overcome "partisan gridlock." Evan Bayh won't name names. You see, partisan ...
by brooklynbadboy
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President Obama in the State of the Union speech showed he would continue to fight for health insurance reform: " Do not walk away from reform," he said. "Not now. Not when we ...
by TomP
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In forming his administration, President Obama abandoned the movement that had begun during his campaign for deal-making and a pragmatism that hasn’t worked. That movement is still possible ...
by George Lakoff
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Who decided that Massachusetts is the be all and end all of the Republic? It sure wasn't me. I, like TENS OF MILLIONS of voters voted in two GENERAL NATIONAL elections for Democrats and reform.
by frogwalker
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Hello? Harry Reid? Rahm Emmanuel? Barack Obama? I won't flatter myself into thinking that you're actually reading this, but your messaging is tone-deaf and you appear to have all the instincts ...
by geodemographics
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What a night! As you may have seen, last night I was the highest vote-getter in the 10th Congressional District special primary ...
by JohnGaramendiCA
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Note: This is a cross-post from Work-in-Progress Administration and calitics . Given that the ...
by Vikingkingq
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The US Department of State publishes a booklet called "Principles of Democracy" to explain to the world what our shining city on a hill, ...
by I T
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Kos and many others on this site argue that the superdelegates should not torpedo the will of the people, but I wonder why they don't instead say "the will of the majority of Democrats," which would ...
by 123frenchwine
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If Foodle -- as shown in his excellent diary on this subject -- had a problem with Tad Devine's editorial in last Sunday's New ...
by rlochow
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Super delegates? I don't think so.
by cognoscenti
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This is something that has been bugging me for awhile, but I haven't really thought about how to express it until now. Before I start, please understand that I'm not trying to undermine support for ...
by leshrac55
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by skralyx
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