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By Dr. Anne Scheetz About 200 Illinois health advocates and service providers attended the "Medicaid and Budget Advocacy Summit" Friday March 6th and vowed to ramp up pressure against Republican Gov.
by pdanoki
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Robert Lowes - Dec 10, 2014 - Medicaid managed-care plans are obliged to offer enrollees an adequate network of clinicians, but half of those listed in provider directories were unavailable for an ...
by mettle fatigue
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Activists carry coffin of mentally ill woman killed by Phoenix police The officers had been serving an emergency court order to take the woman to a mental health facility. So they get to the home of ...
by xxdr zombiexx
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Those who aren't on Medicare might be surprised to discover that it is next to impossible for some folks on the insurance program to find a doctor. If you are a healthy, wealthy senior, you should ...
by McCamy Taylor
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I have known Opal for five years. In that time, her health has gone from not too good to pretty bad, but she is hanging in there. Or rather, she was hanging in there. Now, she's hanging by a thread.
by McCamy Taylor
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This message is for the administration, specifically for the folks at Health and Human Services. They said they were not going to tolerate abuses in the health care market places. They said that ...
by McCamy Taylor
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I have blogged before about Managed Medicare abuses. About how a loophole in health care law allows the plans to bill their own internal Q&A as direct patient care. And about the massive number of ...
by McCamy Taylor
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In 1999, under my maiden name I published a short book about so called managed care---"Damaged Care" as it was sometimes called at the time. HMOs or Managed Care failed due to physician and patient ...
by McCamy Taylor
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Yesterday, I saw a sweet and very sick Medicare patient. We are talking multiple organ disease from several different (unrelated) medical problems. And no, all her issues do not stem from smoking or ...
by McCamy Taylor
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First, the humor - Recently, unless one was living under a rock, the Republican jihad against "Obamacare" reached both a fever pitch and climbed to ridiculous heights of lunacy and sheer stupidity.
by xxdr zombiexx
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As you may know, I am a family physician in a public (read "free") clinic. Most of our patients have no insurance. But, due to the primary care physician shortage, we also see people on a variety of ...
by McCamy Taylor
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Cross posted at Voices on the Square and The Stars Hollow Gazette Of course that can be easy to do with corporate media hacks parading around as "journalists" basically working to preserve the ...
by priceman
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Managed care systems for Americans on Medicaid, when executed incorrectly, don’t benefit anyone. And considering the level of mismanagement taking place in some states, others should seriously ...
by PharmacyAccess
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I had thought about it a lot but it had gotten displaced by increasing stress at work. Sometime ago, The Obama Administration did something with Medicare - I do not know exactly why or when it ...
by xxdr zombiexx
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An article in the Bradenton Herald last week posed the question, “Can Florida’s Medicaid reform plan be the model for the nation?” And it’s a very good question. Florida is barely into its ...
by PharmacyAccess
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In an interview with KLBJ in Austin, Danny Vela, pharmacy owner in Texas and member of the Rio Grande Valley Independent Pharmacy Association, talks about how the state has taken an efficiently run ...
by PharmacyAccess
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With the Affordable Care Act's recent approval from The Supreme Court, focus in the nation's health care debate has shifted to the state level. In Florida, Gov. Rick Scott has vowed not to expand ...
by PharmacyAccess
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Texas began its Medicaid managed care overhaul this past spring, and the transition has been anything but a smooth one. The new system is controversial for many reasons, with many patient advocates ...
by PharmacyAccess
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With state budgets in bad shape, many legislatures are turning to cutting state programs in desperate attempt to stem the tide of deficits. Among these plans is the move to shift Medicaid patients ...
by PharmacyAccess
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reposted from last night . I live and ...
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