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Rep. Matt Salmon (R-AZ) doesn't think it's the end of the world if other people don't get paid. If House Republicans force a shutdown at the Department of Homeland Security, 30,000 workers will be ...
by Laura Clawson
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by David Nir
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On Sunday, DailyKos' Steve Singiser had a diary out talking about the flawed premise of listing the 17 seats that would have to fall to form a path to a Democratic House majority and how such a list ...
by Stephen Wolf
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By now you've probably heard that last November, American voters chose to give Democrats control of the presidency and both chambers of congress in this past election. Wait, both chambers? No, ...
by sawolf
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Would a sternly worded letter help? Maybe a (figurative) slap upside the head? At this point, I don't even know what to do, given that the person who needs to be upbraided is the former chair of the ...
by Ian Reifowitz
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by David Nir
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by David Jarman
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# Rank 08/10 Results Cities Who's running? Redistribution White/ Black/ Hispanic 1 27 P: 32/67 G: 30/63 S: 13/65/...
by David Jarman
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The repeal effort of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" provisions targeting GLBT soldiers, as we all know by now, was successful at the end of the last Congress, with the backing of President Obama. On the ...
by walja
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We have to help Joe Garcia make up his mind about the right thing to do. Draft Joe to run for Congress. Sign up on Facebook, which conveniently has a group ...
by Larry Thorson
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Earlier today, mcjoan brought the news of yet another Republican Congressional retirement, in the ...
by Steve Singiser
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Pull a Specter, Charlie . U.S. Reps Lincoln and Mario Diaz-Balart of ...
by kos
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*full disclosure: I am the President of the local Democracy For America chapter in Miami* Hey there my fellow Americans. Yes! I really am an American, born in Florida! I have my birth certificate ...
by WhyWhat
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Yesterday we sent about 130 emails to Rep. Donnelly regarding ENDA, HR 3017. A phone call to his office at the end of the day suggests he is still undecided. You might want to call him at 574-288-...
by drjillygirl
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Two of the sons of a prominent Cuban fascist, former torture overseer and Interior Minister Rafael ...
by downwithtyranny
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Last night at the University of Miami, Mario Diaz-Balart took the stage with his brother to once again show Miami how CRAZY he is about John McCain. And what did he have to say to ...
by JoeGarcia08
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Our whole campaign team just got back to the office from one of the West Miami-Dade early voting locations. The polls were open 1pm – 5pm today and we got there at 8:45pm to pass out coffee to ...
by JoeGarcia08
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I learned last night at a gathering of my mother's family that a cousin of mine in Chicagoland is voting Obama. An uncle of mine told me that he received an e-mail from the cousin, and my uncle is ...
by RFK Lives
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By now you’ve certainly seen at least one of Mario Diaz-Balart’s ...
by JoeGarcia08
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Welcome to the Election 2008 Live Blogging Project . Please do not recommend this diary! Instead, please ...
by Fairy Tale
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