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Dear Mrs. Romney, Since my private secretary is off today (it being Sunday and all), I am composing this letter on my trusty word processor, rather than dictating it to be transcribed onto my usual ...
by CyberLady1
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" That this is a guy that is, doesn't, obviously need to do this for a job... " That. That right there. That little quote captures the condescension and false, yet still extremely arrogant and self ...
by polidiscoursor
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Have you seen? Have you SEEN? I first watched the interview with Ann Romney talking about the Romney taxes from the link in Vita Brevis' diary . Ann lunged at Natalie Morales when she asked about ...
by eXtina
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On tonight's Last Word , Lawrence O'Donnell said it: Romney won't release his tax returns because he can't. The "F" word is "Felony".
by Eddie L
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I’ve heard just enough about Rush Limbaugh’s review of “The Dark Knight Rises” to know that he was correct in one sense but always his viewpoint falls short and can’t get up again. I’ll ...
by MrTrueLiberal
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The 60’s left people worn out. They’d given everything they had at the office and their activists pockets were bare. After having been beaten and tear gassed and even shot to death by the ...
by MrTrueLiberal
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Enough! Mitt may have to give some of you people a haircut if this doesn't stop.
by eXtina
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Remember Rosemary Watson and her dead-on Hillary Clinton impression? Well, she's back; as she puts it: "I did it....I went and found myself a new blonde lady to parody. This time Ann Romney gave ...
by Brainwrap
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Let 'em eat cake, huh, Anne?
by skyvue
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Everyone knows she said it. Twitter was on fire yesterday with the youpeople hashtag trending. Yet ABC is helpfully inventing a 'controversy' by asking 'Did Ann Romney Say You People'?
by eXtina
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Ann Romney has blown up all over the twitter- and blogosphere for her supposed condescension about "giving all you people what you need to know." However, the part of the clip that is perhaps more ...
by robweisser
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Just don't understand teh economy. Neither do I but Mitt bought me a dancing horse and a car elevator so he must. You People don't know Mitt like I do. We get wild and crazy in our magic underwear ...
by azrefugee
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You may have already heard. No, #YouPeople isn't some new feelgood spin-off on Youtube. #YouPeople is the Twitter trend sweeping the nation–nationally!–in light of Anne Romney's delightfully ...
by therehastobeaway
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Ann Romney's Marie Antoinette-ish "You People" comment is the instant meme of the day.
by Brainwrap
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