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Okay, admittedly, the title is purposely provocative. Depending on how you define “bond vigilante”, and what government bond market you're talking about, they actually very much do exist. But ...
by aguadito
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This is, in my opinion, a very important book that ought to be read by everyone. Progressives commonly recognize, as conservatives do not, that there are no really “free” markets. Therefore, ...
by hlsmlane
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Capitalism equals freedom. That is the overwhelming concensus of the political and economic leaders of the world. Think about what words are associated with capitalism: free markets free ...
by gjohnsit
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Seeing this on CSPAN right now. Pretty good discussion on the issue of the markets and healthcare. The moderator suggested instead of the "Simpson Bowles" commission we should have had a "...
by mittromneyitems
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Who the hell invented the concept of honor, and more importantly why would anyone invent something that cannot be explained and probably does not exist and then encourage others (mostly young men) ...
by Trenz Pruca
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I read a very interesting article this afternoon by Thomas Edsall in the New York Times: No More Industrial Revolutions? In it he refers to work done by Robert J. Gordon, an economist at ...
by TomP
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Gov. Romney, addressing his secret cabal of donors: ...if we win on November 6th, there will be a great deal of optimism about the future of this country. We'll see capital come back and we'll see��
by TheCrank
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In April of 2001, I lost my job in the "dot-bomb" recession. I was living in Silicon Valley and had had a few "silicon valley" type jobs (read: I worked for technology companies), the most recent -
by BayAreaKen
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Republicans have been asking lately if we are better off today than we were 4 years ago. Here's a small sampling of newspaper headlines and job layoff reports from Fall of 2008 to help jog their ...
by JPE Voice of Reason
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There is no one number that sums up how the economy has improved under Obama. But there is some simplifying language that folks tend to understand. One of these shorthands is their retirement ...
by Gangster Octopus
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Went to Boston City Hall Plaza to see what was happening at this year's Greenfest (http://www.bostongreenfest.org/) which will be going on until Sunday, August 19. It was a beautiful day and there ...
by gmoke
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Republican Convention Keynote Speaker New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is acting strange for a Republican. Yesterday Mitt Romney's key ally signed a bailout for the solar industry in New Jersey, ...
by DSWright
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A couple months ago, I ran into an article on TechDirt that linked to another guy's  post on his personal blog , both making the same ridiculous point: Shaving technology hasn't really improved ...
by Pericles
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I was finally able to sit down and watch Real Time yesterday as my Friday night had consisted of Chinese takeout smothered with caramelized sugar and sesame seeds. Consequently I was in no shape to ...
by Mr Jones
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Robert Prechter inteview is down the page Mar 22. http://www.financialsense.com/financial-sense-newshour They scoffed at him before, image if you left their fiat debt ponzie matrix long ago. Now ...
by wageslave
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Really. When I read The New York Times editorials about the economy, or the truly shallow reporting from most of the paper's reporters, often I think: the people at The New York Times actually ...
by Tasini
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I thought businesses were unwilling to hire because of regulatory uncertainty and Obama's socialism! Just two weeks after the Dow reclaimed 13,000, the NASDAQ finally closed above 3,000 (3,039.88,
by kos
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Wednesday's market rise is not a good sign, but another reflex of the instability stalking the financial world. As the credit crisis grows and sovereign bonds sky rocket and the Eurozone teeters ...
by niccolo caldararo
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by Joan McCarter
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A number of big retail chains, such as Walmart, Target, Macy's, and Best Buy are planning on opening at midnight after Thanksgiving, starting the so called "Black Friday" retail push at the earliest ...
by Thutmose V
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