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During the 2012 election, one of the more amusing sidelights was that of Dean Chambers, an amateur pollster who was "unskewing" the polls that showed Obama with a significant lead. He arrived at his ...
by John Seavey
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In its own bizarre way, the alternative universe that much of the right-wing blogosphere inhabits is living proof of the theory of evolution. Yes, in their world Barack Obama won re-election ...
by Woochifer
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Before my first diary in which I outlined how he reneged on a wager he lost to me on the outcome of his "UnSkewed Polls," Dean told me that he had emailed me for the last time. But since posting ...
by David John Wellman
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On my daily trek to the looney side , just to get a few laughs, I came across the unskewed polls guy website. I don't even remember how I got there, and I read the same bullshit election "scenarios"
by rfhusker
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No, seriously, this is up at UnSkewedPolls right now. UnSkewed Polls Post Election Survey Three election scenarios Please read these and decide which one you believe is closest to the truth of ...
by weatherdude
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If I ever hear someone use the words "Republican" and "responsibility" in the same sentence, I will tell them the following story. About two weeks before the election, someone finally made me aware ...
by David John Wellman
Comment Count 222 comments on Tue Nov 13, 2012 at 01:21 PM PST with 877 Recommends
Wondering what the unskewed polls guy has to say about last night's decisive victory? Well, he was actually quite humble in his response : "Nate Silver was right, and I was wrong," Chambers said in ...
by ThatPoshGirl
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This time, they really stepped in it. Republicans have gone further and further off the deep end during the last decade, insisting that just about everyone from the CBO to economists to journalists,
by Akronborn
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Well, in case you were wondering if we'd ever hear from The Great Unskewery One again, Dean Chambers offered a mea culpa of sorts to Nate Silver while admitting his methods were, well, ...
by frankzappatista
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Dean Chambers, the man who garnered praise from the right and notoriety on the left for his "Unskewed Polling" site, admitted today that his method was flawed. "Nate Silver was right, and I was ...
by InsultComicDog
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Sorry for the short diary, but if anyone wants some good laughs, check out the comments on the ludicrously non-factual GOP propaganda site Unskewed Polls - a site that went against the grain so as ...
by Randian
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Sorry. I just love joking about the brain dead. I know its not very nice. But I am in gloat mood. They worked so hard to unskew the skewed, and now these damn election results are skewing them ...
by lighttheway
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Nate Silver has been the target of rabid right wing extremists lashing out at him for stretching their pea brains with arithmetic, calling him ""a man of very small stature" and "a thin and ...
by GoogleBonhoeffer
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The reasonable folks over at our favorite polling corrector known as UnSkewed Polls has it currently at Romney +21 . OH NOEZ!!!!! On a serious note, it is still close, so lets GOTV and keep ...
by Gangster Octopus
Comment Count 21 comments on Thu Oct 18, 2012 at 09:33 AM PDT with 4 Recommends
Eat your heart out, libruls. Dean Chambers is now vindicated as PPP released their "unskewed" polling results from Florida . It's stunning. You people love Mitt Romney!
by weatherdude
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A team of researchers at University College London made a fascinating discovery regarding how we as humans retain news: that we remember good news, and we disregard bad news. By using magnets to ...
by AlexPalombo
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