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First of all, if I intentionally use an inflammatory term like “gun nut”, you need to understand why. In my mind, there are differences between gun nuts and responsible gun owners. Responsible ...
by deciminyan
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When the Mayans predicted the world would come to an end as we know it this past December,...I am beginning to think that maybe it happened and we just didn't notice. Because in the first month of ...
by PoliticalPizza
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[although 2013's not lookin' so hot either...] Mayan forecasts of doom were a bust Where's a prophecy people can trust? If the world's gonna end We will have to depend On some accurate facts! That'...
by cassandracarolina
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I made my first trip to Peru in 1986. During this trip, must of the Peruanos that I came in contact with who were capable of speaking English had some very unkind things to say about a Gringa ...
by roberb7
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Since humans evolved enough to have concern for the shortening of the days and the apparent loss of the sun this season must have been special. This year the Winter Solstice took on special ...
by don mikulecky
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As many of you may have heard by now the Mayans correctly predicted the Snowpocalypse (aka Snowmageddon). Over the last two days, South Central Wisconsin was hit with 16 to 24 inches of snow. ...
by Mark E Andersen
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With the holidays and the fiscal cliff and all the extra work we're facing now that those pesky Mayans let down the doomsday preppers, your intrepid diarist knows that you don't have time to delve ...
by cassandracarolina
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by michaelmhughes
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Felix Alvarez, a longtime Chicano cultural activist in San Jose and Modesto, was vacationing in the Yucatan at the pre-Columbian city of Chichen Itza with his late wife, Mary Contreras, in 1991, ...
by Dan Bacher
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By this time next year will we all be ducking for cover? Will the ancient forces of Galactic Gravity finally cast our puny planet onto the trash heap of 'Good ideas -- BUT ...' ...
by jamess
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The Christianized Jesus - the turning of a radical into a conservative shadow of his former self - explains our problem of establishing and celebrating freedom fighters today. It is important that ...
by Reverend Billy
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As the debt ceiling - deficit deal comes to a head, consider one element: ...
by J Rond
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As the time drew near, survivors were faced with painful decisions. How should they deal with the coming difficulties? Many asked if there were steps they could take to weather the impending disaster.
by Mark Sumner
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If little kids had never been taught about religion, would they develop this concept all by themselves? Raised in a vacuum of dogma, would they instinctively discover, invent or reveal the existence ...
by Jane Stillwater
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If there's one thing that I have learned for sure down here in Central America, it is this: Mayans love brilliant colors. Everything they wear, everything they use and everything they touch just ...
by Jane Stillwater
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Recently I entered a casting call contest for people who wanted to be on Season 21 of "Survivor". There were something like 525 video audition entries submitted -- and I watched almost half of ...
by Jane Stillwater
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Maybe it's because I'm a daughterless ungay male? Even after decades of seeing the influence of "Christian" politics, even in my own family, I've regarded it as a goofy sideshow taking place far ...
by S Chelydra
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First let me start by saying that I am not a great writer nor do I have an art of the english language, but it will be readable. I am not a huge consiracy theroist, though I do believe JFK was an ...
by Lazarus Kane
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In 2006, we took back the House and the Senate. In 2008, our goal will be to take back the White House. From there, our goal will be to create a permanent progressive majority in the House and the ...
by Eternal Hope
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cross posted from The Dream Antilles and updated Following Bush's visit to Guatemala, a complete and total PR disaster, Mayan ...
by davidseth
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