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We will have famine in America, maybe by 2050, caused by a shortage of diesel fuel delivered to farmers, a shortage that will prevent them from planting and harvesting enough crops to feed America.
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Is it Tuesday? I need to write poetry? Okay. Just had my nightly red beer: bigjac red beer: in Ball wide mouth quart jar, add tomato juice, or V8 juice, up to halfway between the words "wide ...
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Here is the link to the parable of stone soup, a parable most of you know: http://mhschool.com/lead_21/grade3/ccslh_g3_rl_1_1c_l2.html Soon a villager approached, holding a cabbage that she ...
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Welcome to another Indigo Kalliope diary, which always reminds me of ulookarmless, also known as CJ Campbell, now deceased. I think he wrote this intro; correct me if I'm wrong: Join us ...
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If I get enough response, here at Daily Kos, or maybe even if I don't, I intend to write a series of these B. C. C., build a chicken coop, diaries. This is a good way, according to my wife, Tonia, ...
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