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It began with a crazy idea more than two years ago.
by jpmassar
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Almost two years ago Hannel Appel, Bay Area native and Occupy Wall Street veteran, came back to the Bay Area, came to a General Assembly of Occupy Oakland and called on people to form Strike Debt ...
by jpmassar
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Occupy rescued students indebted to a ...
by Ian Reifowitz
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Almost two years ago the Rolling Jubilee , a project of Strike Debt (an offshoot of Occupy Wall Street), announced an ambitious stunt - raise $50,000 and abolish $1,000,000 in medical debt. They ...
by jpmassar
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In A Raw Story article today, it was shown that a group of Occupy activists have raised some $400,000 to buy bad personal debt for pennies on the dollar, which they then forego and release the ...
by peterfallow
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From 2005, when Republicans first proposed "going nuclear," until today's vote in the Senate to abolish the filibuster for nominations, was a wait of nine years. People scoffed that it would never ...
by jpmassar
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It's true. Whomever it is can thank the idealistic, if allegedly unshowered, residents of Zuccotti Park from two years ago. They provided ...
by jpmassar
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Occupy Wall Street may be dead, but it has infected our collective consciousness in a way that continues to evolve.
by JohnAloysius
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Payday loans ... unsecured loans at 400% per year. Auto title loans ..
by jpmassar
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Strike Debt , an offshoot of Occupy Wall Street, attracted the world's attention two months ago when it announced the Rolling Jubilee . The Jubilee's original goal was to retire $1,000,000 in ...
by jpmassar
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The Rolling Jubilee , a project of StrikeDebt , has just announced that it has accumulated enough in donations to retire, rip up, forgive, burn, cause to cease to exist, negate and otherwise force ...
by jpmassar
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Forty four people received the following letter , sent out by Rolling Jubilee , a project of StrikeDebt . It informs them that a particular piece of medical debt each of them owed has gone "Poof!", ...
by jpmassar
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While New York City's Mayor is once again attempting to squash Occupy by ordering Occupy Sandy off the streets , another group of Occupiers and allies is continuing unimpeded in its efforts to do ...
by jpmassar
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Actually 8.25+ million as I type. The original goal of this #StrikeDebt project -- originated by Occupy Wall Street peeps -- was to raise $50,000 and buy medical debt on the 'collection market.' ...
by jpmassar
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Nearly a year ago, I wrote a pair of diaries about the passing of this guy , who was married to this lady . Frank died on the day before ...
by ruleoflaw
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By now you all know about StrikeDebt and the Rolling Jubilee , which so far has received enough money to burn up over $6,700,000+ of medical debt. Another StrikeDebt effort is to gather stories of ...
by jpmassar
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Many followers of the Occupy Wall Street movement are undoubtedly already aware of it's latest endeavor--the Rolling Jubillee Movement. The movement describes itself in the following way on their ...
by tiimbitz4786
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Daniel Willis of the Oakland Tribune also has this story, and is a much better writer and economist than me. I was surprised to see nothing about the Rolling Jubilee on the front page today. From ...
by Geiiga
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Now OWS is launching the ROLLING JUBILEE, a program that has been in development for months. OWS is going to start buying distressed debt (medical bills, student loans, etc.) in order to forgive it. ...
by zootwoman
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