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A Republican, a Democrat, a Tea-Partier, and a Progressive, walk into a Bar ... The Democrat corrals the gang, and announces "The drinks are on me, guys." The Republican laughs, and shouts "That's ...
by jamess
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I watch Fox News once in a while, to find out what the rubes are being fed today, in their factless Happy Meals. Today I was greeted by this clown [Sr Editor] Jamie Weinstein from the Daily Caller,
by jamess
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You ever notice at Thanksgiving, that it's always those people taking the biggest slices of pie, and the biggest piles of stuffing -- that are the first to tell you, THAT YOU should go on a Diet? A ...
by jamess
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More compassion, famine relief, clean water, well-funded schools, community farms, more opportunity to thrive and flourish. Those would be the results of a world with an axis -- that did not spin ...
by jamess
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Inquiring Minds should want to know ... What is this "Automatic Sequester" thing, and what's does this "Cliff" really look like? The Sequester Explained (pdf) bipartisanpolicy.org The Budget ...
by jamess
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