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Where were the Republicans at the recent commemorations of the 1963 March on Washington?? Boehner, Cantor, McConnell, Romney, Bush (I, II, and Jeb), Newt . . . ??? Anyone catch a glimpse of any of ...
by Old Redneck
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It's a strange tide when a sitting senator manages to run a blowout against opponents in fundraising. Sure, it happens in heavily leaning districts all over the country. But the demographics ...
by Chris Reeves
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There is some rejoicing on the progressive blogs about Mitch McConnell's awesome July. Bad poll numbers, a Tea Party challenger, and a small rebellion among his Republican colleagues in the Senate.
by Merlin1963
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Alison Lundergan Grimes released a REALLY good "meet the candidate"-style online ad to open things up against Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. It runs a bit long, but at 3:41 it's well worth ...
by wesmorgan1
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Zimmerman walks. Snowden is still Snowden (and the White House still unhappy). Wendy gets it started in Texas, draws line on TeaPub insanity. Now more following her lead. Your Noontime News and ...
by winkk
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The Zimmerman verdict protests build in L.A. and Oakland. Meanwhile... Wendy shows how it's done , draws line on TeaPub insanity. Now more following her lead. Your Midnight News and Talk ...
by winkk
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I have an idea that I haven't heard anyone talking about. Why not change the Senate Filibuster to only apply when one party is in control of the Senate, the House of Representatives and the ...
by TexasJay
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Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell attempts an artful dodge when asked about his reaction to the Supreme Court decision gutting the Voting Rights Act:
by Jed Lewison
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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it gives me great pleasure to say that America's most disgusting politician has given-up on the fake IRS scandal. Yes, according to http://tpmdc....
by joelgp
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(Click for larger image)
by MattWuerker
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Boy, it doesn’t take much to set some folks off….
by Easternshore Lib
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I have written previously about how the conservatives are either becoming more stupid or at least more crazy. Some of my colleagues in the blogging world think they all suffer from a personality ...
by Madrigal Maniac
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I wrote a letter to the editor in 2000 in the Courier Journal when George W. Bush was running for President. I called the Republicans “borrow and spend”. That was during the 2000 campaign when ...
by john s mill
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When liberals argue with Limbaugh listeners, it often is like talking to a wall. Facts, logic, and the process of connecting the dots all have no power over these people because deep down it's like ...
by ProgToddNorCal
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We the people need to figure out an effective counter-strategy to Republican obstruction and filibuster. In short, we need to swamp the swamp! Sen. Mitch McConnell is facing re-election in 2014, ...
by Ubix
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This is the kind of diary you can read as a plea for correction because I don't want to believe Obama really, truly f*cked up and handed the GOP exactly 98% of what they wanted. It seems to me ...
by ksh01
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McConnell has proposed giving the President the flexibility to choose what cuts go into effect under sequestration, propose his alternative to Congress, and give Congress the option to reject this ...
by klir2m
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Harry Reid blew it when he decided to uphold "the rules of the Senate" in spite of the Republicans unprecendented use of the filibuster. McConnell and his crowd have done everything to slow-down or ...
by Z51Xfire
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3 Strikes and Out, Senator. Anyone – particularly veteran legislators in DC – knew the GOP was going to stonewall all things Obama from day one in 2009. You did nothing when you had the chance ...
by Balkingpoints
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He put the pressure back on The R-cons in Senate. Abuse the rules? Lose public opinion. Not bad. The R-con game plan, it seems? Change the Electoral College, gerrymander seats, suppress ...
by empireport
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