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One of my biggest problems is that I find too many things I want to write about. Lately, I realize, I have begun leaving browser tabs open to things that ‘capture’ me, that capture my attention,
by BeninSC
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H/T to my fellow Kossack frosti for pointing me to the blog Farine: Crazy for Bread . As the title suggests, it's author, a native of France, is passionate about "bread, bread making, bread tasting,
by SwedishJewfish
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In a cruel but fitting note, Valentine's Day this year is two months to the day that a mad man took advantage of our lax gun laws to rob his mother of a cache of weapons and then use a military ...
by johnthorpe
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things like the smashed and brutalized body of Noah Pozner. Newspapers and the media should have shown it too many are detached from the reality of what guns do they watch movies, tv shows, video ...
by teacherken
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“Let them see what they’ve done.” -- Jacqueline Kennedy. “I want the world to see what they did to my baby." -- Emmet Till's mother. “I owed it to him as his mother, the good, the bad ...
by Upper West
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The bells rang for the lost: Charlotte Bacon , Olivia Engel , Ana Marquez-Greene , Dylan Hockley , Madeline Hsu , Catherine Hubbard , Jesse Lewis , James Mattioli , Emilie Parker , Jack Pinto , Noah ...
by Bill Moyers
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Earlier this evening, after dinner, my wife and I finally sat our 6-year old son down and told him, as carefully as we could, about the Sandy Hook massacre. We asked him if he had any questions, ...
by Brainwrap
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