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Artist's conception. Not actually Tony Cornish State Rep. Tony "Yee-haw Bang" Cornish, lover of all things bullet-throwing, had his own take on the recent call by Al Shabab for attacks on western ...
by ericf
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Okay, we are stuck with the "guns everywhere" and just about anyone can get their hands on one without much trouble. Example, of course, is the killer of Officer Ramos and Officer Lui in New York ...
by virginia dare
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A few years ago, a person bought a gun from a gun dealer in the state of Georgia. This same person then gave it to a friend/relative. Years later, that gun from Georgia ended up in the hands of ...
by virginia dare
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The Second Amendment, RKBA, continues to trouble and divide our nation's citizens. "Guns Everywhere" (think Somalia) ..."Stand Your Ground" (makes some trigger happy) versus sane background checks,
by virginia dare
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Newly formed glacial lakes, like this one, are becoming much more common, yet the GOP refuses to acknowledge human-induced climate change. (...
by Marty Essen
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I call upon the dKos community to help me out here. I have a friend, Michael Z. Williamson . Good guy. Author of a number of exciting books , both fantasy and military science fiction. Weapons ...
by filkertom
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Received this email from U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D. IL) asking for help to get the word out calling for congress to pass sensible gun laws in wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting in ...
by poopdogcomedy
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