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First, let me say very clearly from the beginning that I am biased in this case because I know Brian Williams a tiny bit and he has always been fundamentally decent to me.
by Cenk Uygur
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by Walter Brasch Sen. Diane Feinstein and a horde of members of Congress of both parties want to decide who is and who isn’t a reporter. Sen. Feinstein says a “real” reporter is a “...
by brasch
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An inquest examining the death of Lucy Meadows , 32, was held yesterday by Michael Singleton, coroner for Blackburn, Hyndburn, and Rosendale. Singleton delivered a verdict of suicide by ...
by rserven
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Today, there are reports that the far-right America destroyers, the Koch Brothers, are out to gobble up the Tribune Company-owned newspapers and possibly its TV Stations. You though Rupert Murdoch ...
by JGibson
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by WALTER BRASCH On the Sunday before the final presidential debate, Mitt Romney and some of his senior staffers played a flag football game with members of the Press Corps on Delray Beach, Fla.
by brasch
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Lies for a living , which is why Fox hired him.   How Fox News works : Yesterday morning, the Karl Rove-backed Super PAC ...
by Hunter
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Media analyst Walter Brasch looks at the coverage of the Penn State scandal, and concludes that the media are more interested in sex. scandal, and celebrity than in accuracy.
by brasch
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Did CNN's ...
by Hunter
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( This article is crossposted from the author's blog at LowGenius.Net ) In order to understand this analogy fully, a bit of ...
by LowGenius
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This line comes from Michael Arrington of TechCrunch as the justification for publishing stolen documents from the files of Twitter. I learned of the story in ...
by williamjustin
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I was directed today to the writings of Steve O'Hearn, the chair of the National Press Club's New Media Committee who maintains a blog at the ...
by poblano
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This diary is cross-posted to my blog, where you'll find lots of my history tracking reporters' FEC files over the years.
by MPetrelis
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