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It appalled me this morning to read the headlining story on the Huffington Post regarding ...
by utopia
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Misleading and misinforming the public for political purposes and political gain is nothing new. In recent years, the Repugs have created a mastery of this practice, and used it to ...
by Imavehmontah
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The issue of reproductive rights has persisted as a political hot-button. The latest mother of octuplets, Nadya Suleman, puts the whole debate into a different perspective and raises questions. ...
by kevin k
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THURSDAY NIGHT IS HEALTH CARE CHANGE NIGHT, a weekly Daily Kos Health Care Series. In a previous diary titled Single payer ...
by Imavehmontah
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The following is a press release from The Lancet , describing an important new article on the question of medical ethics in relation to the torture of prisoners. It is reproduced here (with ...
by Valtin
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In 1973, when the CIA got wind of the revelations that would expose its decades-long program into mind control experiments, then-CIA Director Richard Helms, and Sidney Gottlieb, head of the Agency's ...
by Valtin
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I know that with the election of a democratic president and democratic majorities in the House and Senate, abortion has become an almost passe issue in many quarters. However, this election ...
by vim876
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President George W. Bush got a stunning letter today from the American Psychological Association (APA), ...
by jhutson
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Hey there, hi there, ho there. Today I would like you to take a step back from politics and help to save the life of someone who has been discriminated against. This is the story of medical ...
by greatwhitebuffalo
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I have permission to post the following unpublished article by another author.
by Karen Hedwig Backman
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The August 1 edition of the Journal of the AMA contains a variety of excellent article and commentaries about the health effects of war and violence. One of these is a commentary written by Drs. ...
by McCamy Taylor
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A newly released Wellcome Trust study has found the genetic markers for diseases such as "depression, Crohn's disease, coronary heart disease, hypertension, ...
by intrados
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A correction and a summary of the ethical debate/conversation that I had with one person who is involved with a study that uses informed disconsent.
by The Bagof Health and Politics
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Informed disconsent is the latest in "ethical" medical studies.
by The Bagof Health and Politics
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An article in today's Washington Post has given me pause. A 50 million dollar, 5 year project, ...
by CTLiberal
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I am a heavy sleeper, so my alarm clock is set to the local news radio station to help wake me. Sometimes, when I'm still pretty deep in sleep, I incorporate the stories into a little bit of my ...
by land of the free
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This is my humble attempt to stop a misperception; unknowingly or not, the specious argument I quote below has no merit whatsoever. I'll leave the ...
by Rippen Kitten
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Albert Mohler, President Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville Kentucky, has stated that if a biological basis for homosexuality is found that he fully supports a prenatal test and in-...
by titotitotito
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In today's news cycle (at least on Google News, which is where I get All My News with the exception of DKos), is the story of "Ashley", a mentally-handicapped nine year old girl whose parents ...
by fredflintstone
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by mmontanaman
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