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For months now, I have been more involved ...
by allenels
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I confess that my favorite nursery rhyme might be considered a bit morbid. Of course there is nothing unusual in that. Consider the harmless "Pop goes the Weasel” - "All around the mulberry bush, ...
by KAMuston
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Hello everyone, I wanted to catch up with you all here. I have MIA often because medical school is voluminous in its material.
by sreeizzle2012
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I was talking to the medical students who volunteer at a clinic that provides free medical care for uninsured people in Newark. I asked, "Will Obamacare make this clinic unnecessary?" It was a ...
by New Jersey Boy
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If you are currently an important person by conventional standards, you may want to skip this because I’m speaking to myself at age….oh, fourteen or so upward. I know you because I was you. ...
by swrussel
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The exclusive focus of this gift is to provide scholarships for students, it's not for research or operating expenses. Below is a paragraph from UCLA's chancellor announcing the gift. "Mr. Geffen,
by VClib
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You know the scenario all too well. You show up for your doctor's appointment on time, and if you were smart, you scheduled it for either 8:00am or 1:00pm, hoping for less wait time. But as the ...
by VeloVixen
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There are a variety of services necessary for a civilization to function. I am not against profit at all providing competition/regulation exists to keep players honest; however, police and fire are ...
by bcdelta
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In my second year of law school, me and my best friends from Chapel Hill decided that it would be really cool to get together on The Hill for a weekend and hang out again like we used to. So I ...
by swellsman
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Originally published on July 7, 2009 at Yo Mama For Obama Let me finally get down to some of the issues involved in health care. This piece will not be a treatise on the ...
by yomamaforobama
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I was not shocked to see that the AMA came out against the public option. I appreciate the doctors who have taken a stand against the AMA on this issue. Thank you. Most doctors I know are with you. ...
by Attorney at Arms
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Oh Hai!! Here at Top Comments we round up some of the site's best, funniest, most mojo'd and most informative commentary. We depend on your help with talent spotting. If you see a ...
by virgomusic
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Monday morning I felt weak as I ever have. I've been slowing down over the past few years, but this was something else. I get regular check ups, eat well, put on a lot of weight in spite of that (...
by don mikulecky
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