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Talking points - The Week Magazine Jade Helm: The plot to take over Texas In July, dozens of Black Hawk helicopters will swoop down on southwestern America, depositing special forces troops in ...
by thinkingblue
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I was doing some shopping Saturday morning when I walked out of Kohl’s in Santa Clarita, California and discovered that a young couple had set up a table at the main intersection of the shopping ...
by MikeRite
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Okay, so here's the deal. Tonight, after posting the Romney 47% video on Facebook, I suddenly get an e-mail from a right-wing friend. (Yeah, I have some of those. I even have a friend who's a ...
by Notthemayor
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Just when Michelle Obama had the Base embracing Barack Obama the way she embraced the DNC hall last night, the Obama campaign pushes it away.
by MrTrueLiberal
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Bill Kristol is claiming the Occupation is antisemitic, and that is my cue for another installment of my series in Fascist propaganda. In fact, any time Kristol say anything, it's time to look for ...
by bernardpliers
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Yep, Erick The Dim went there. This may turn into a series of diaries, because where other people might have brain farts, Erick delivers the Class 5 hurricane of stupid. Oh and Breitbart jumps in as ...
by bernardpliers
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Glenn Beck is a Nazi? He accuses others of being Nazis. This sleight of hand conceals that his anti liberal rants are taken from Mein Kampf. Here's Beck spouting Nazi talking points. Social ...
by bernardpliers
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Comparing Palin to Obama is like comparing the Professor and Ginger on Gilligan's Island. Yet the GOP goes back to that well over and over. Even the leadership has so internalized the idea that "...
by bernardpliers
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Various scholars claim that it's hard to pinpoint the essential difference of Nazism and other types of Fascism. Surely it can't be that hard - Nazism was loud, but it was not subtle. Hitler ...
by bernardpliers
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BENEATH THE SPIN • ERIC L. WATTREE Could GOP Leaders Possibly Believe Their Own Rhetoric? Is it possible that Republicans truly believe that President Obama is both a ...
by Wattree
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There was a diary by Tim Wise on the Recommended list describing sociopathy on the Right. It is a very good read and an ...
by Dauphin
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You've heard some variation on this argument against public health insurance. But if you need yet another dose of this Obama-wants-to-euthanize-grandma crap, you can always count on RedState to ...
by bernardpliers
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((youtube iZp9icjIew8)) Acorn is going to infiltrate the Tea Parties! Some ...
by bernardpliers
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OK, we've seen Glenn's song and dance: There's an apocalyptic conspiracy undermining the state. The government has been taken over by anti-American forces. They have stolen our culture, ...
by bernardpliers
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Sometimes you just want to wallow in wingnut stupid, and it's hard to beat Jonah Goldberg and his quest to rehabilitate and rebrand Hitler. For an overdose of pure stupid, it's like eating a Twinkie ...
by bernardpliers
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Jonah has been in England the last few weeks, pushing the paperback edition of his book and telling the world that Obama is the new face of "fascism," having dragged Obama into his imaginary circle ...
by bernardpliers
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A personal note: I have seen children dying of AIDS and hunger; I have had malaria and been chased through the jungle by militias. I want the G-8 to address all the aspects of global ...
by teacherken
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The Republican Party is a bigger propaganda machine than the Hitler propaganda machine. Reason Fox news, giving millions to news paper editors and CEOs; how? By tax cuts! The rich business man need ...
by roxnev
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There has been a lot of talk about the right wing and fundies going nuts now that Nancy and Co are in charge.... and for George and Co--- when the going gets tough...retreat even deeper into 1933 ...
by distributorcap
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by Shadowin
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