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Katie Couric took on the journalistic challenge of hosting a show on the HPV vaccine . And, with this show, Couric demonstrated a ...
by A Siegel
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by A Siegel
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"The Donald" is going to headline at the Republican National Convention (RNC) .   The widespread RUMINT is that Trump will gleefully,
by A Siegel
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A bit unreasonable, since many Mormons read the Deseret , but is there reason to believe that Etch-A-...
by A Siegel
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Want to prod an anti-science syndrome sufferer into a vitriolic rampage, utter two words: "hockey stick". And, want to see them ...
by A Siegel
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An anonymous leaker sent a number of climate-science related bloggers/blog-sites a trove of internal documents from libertarian Heartland Institute . While the material points to many nefarious ...
by A Siegel
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A major challenge exists: it is far easier to dispense truthiness (and outright deceit)than it is ...
by A Siegel
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Let's play word association. Read the following phrase and what's the first thing that comes to mind. Rich family ... There are, of course, many possible from Hilton to ...
by A Siegel
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Amid the takeover of the U.S. House of Representatives by anti-science syndrome suffering haters of ...
by A Siegel
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Here ye! Here ye! Bring your torches and stacks of wood. The practitioners of the dark arts of science will be harassed by an angry mob, defamed, and driven to their knees to confess their lack of ...
by DWG
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Whether it is Corporatist manipulation to undermine science (tobacco, chemicals, climate change) or bizarre conspiracy theory paths (AIDS is caused by ...
by A Siegel
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Canada's version of Faux News and the Washington Times , The National Post , has ...
by A Siegel
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The Washington Post lead editorial Friday strongly rebukes the Attorney General of the Commonwealth of ...
by A Siegel
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Anti-Science Syndrome (ASS) sufferer Hater of Liberal Economics (HOLE),
by A Siegel
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