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Well, it's Friday in Arkansas and it's been an interesting week here -- not that most of the country cares. But this is the Internet and people are always looking for mole hills to turn into ...
by jroberthall
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At long last, a major wingnut talk show host may be about to face the music for his bile. Last year, Glenn Beck claimed that Abdulrahman Alharbi, a Saudi student who sustained minor injuries in the ...
by Christian Dem in NC
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http://www.buzzfeed.com/jtes/dzhokhar-tsarnaev-covers-the-new-issue-of-rolling-stone?s=mobile I'll delete if one of our good writers covers this. I have nothing but an unformed mass of hurt and ...
by jeff in nyc
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Wayne LaPierre may have stepped in it again at the NRA convention yesterday. He actually had the nerve to say that the Boston bombings proved gun control really doesn't work . "Imagine living in a ...
by Christian Dem in NC
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Today we talk to Dawud Walid about the environment since the Boston bombings. Podcast - http://traffic.libsyn.com/bloggingformichigan/2013-04-24-dawud-immigration.mp3 Today we talk about: *The ...
by christinebarry
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Not much of a diary, I am afraid, but wanted to point out this fascinating report that may shed some light on the motivations of the Boston bombers. Via Talking Points Memo, one of the elder brother'
by jeff in nyc
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Every day is a new day and with that, a new opportunity. EVERYONE is welcome and please join us each morning at 7:30 AM PACIFIC to tell us what you're working on, share your show & tell , vent, ...
by smileycreek
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One thing came across my mind when I heard the interview with the uncle...when he called them losers -- and I weighed it against a small interview I saw on Fox news this morning... and thought ...
by babylonbros
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Not sure how I wound up on your email lists but thanks for all your links to the latest breaking revelations from Alex Jones, Paul Watson, What Really Happened, and other truth seekers fighting ...
by madtownpopulist
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As we continue to try to come to terms with the bombings in Boston and the other suggestions of ongoing terrorism, there are practical things that you can do right now to empower yourself and your ...
by cassandracarolina
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Update , HT to ericlewis0 in comments (CNN) -- [Breaking news update at 1:47 p.m. Wednesday ] An arrest has been made in the Boston bombings investigation based on two videos showing images of the ...
by divineorder
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It takes a sick twisted person to lust (and I do mean lust) over fear and hate generated profits when dozens are injured and 3are dead, one of whom was an 8 year old child. Meet Pamela Geller and ...
by The BigotBasher
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