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Gee...I wonder whose campaign came up with this one? I'm inclined to believe that Daily Kos had nothing to do with this being in the ad space, but come on. We can do better than this. ...
by Homer177
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I realize that others have written about the magnificent piece by Joe Stiglitz titled In No One We Trust . There were two paragraphs that spoke directly to me, and upon which I would like to ...
by teacherken
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is that those who insist upon merit pay for teachers are themselves primarily motivated by money and have trouble grasping that for many people, while they want to earn a decent income and be able ...
by teacherken
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which was written as a comment on this thread at Diane Ravitch's blog. . The presumption of Merit pay for teachers is that the impact of the teacher can in some fashion be immediately measured, ...
by teacherken
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Oh, I see how this works Cross-posted from Eclectablog . Over the past two years, Michigan Republicans have stripped over a billion dollars from schools and are working to ...
by Eclectablog
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Bill Gates has adopted education as a billionaire's hobby for many years—once supporting small schools projects, but more recently focusing on teacher quality . Little attention, however, has ...
by plthomasEdD
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It looks like 'No Big Deal' -- until you do the Math. PS. Teachers usually know how to do the Math . Walker reshapes inflation-based raises for teachers WTMJ-TV and JSOnline.com -- msnbc.msn....
by jamess
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Morning Joe's Joe passionately opined today, at the show's round table (temporarily on the road, in Florida) on the need for Romney to launch some bold ideas to win conservatives and draw a stark ...
by NYCee
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Today I received what in education should be the ultimate compliment: my classes scored higher on the district exam than other classes in the same grade at our school. It genuinely made me feel so ...
by StarbuckAGTM
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by Bcgntn
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The National Education Association wasted no time today endorsing the re-election of President Obama, a decision that came as no surprise to anyone. After all, it doesn’t matter which candidate ...
by rturner229
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First of all, I teach in a building that is condemned. I'm amazed each morning when I show up and see that it hasn't burned down overnight. The roof leaks, there are electrical hazards and shorts, ...
by gtnoah
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Although this will come as a shock, offering incentives to teachers for increased student achievement - a concept referred to as "merit pay" - doesn't seem to produce the results the "reformers" ...
by michael in chicago
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Governor Lehman Brothers Kasich is trying to bust up unions much like Governor Walker is doing in Wisconsin. He was met with ...
by mos1133
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Who says we don't believe in American "Exceptionalism" anymore? Record Breaking Bonuses on Wall Street, are treating the select few -- "Exceptionally" Well ... thank you very much!
by jamess
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First off, I can't claim credit for that question. As she frequently does, Randi Rhodes, gave me the topic, as she was explaining it to a caller on her radio show today. So, sincere Hat ...
by jamess
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I just read Teacherken's diary on the subject of teacher evaluations with some interest—one of the reasons I don't feel drawn to write very many diaries is because Teacherken normally says ...
by Balachan
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Snapshot of personal wealth Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Mobile: 52nd wealthiest in 2008 with $1 million net personal wealth. Sen. Richard Shelby, R-Tuscaloosa: 21st wealthiest with $7.4 ...
by jamess
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Gridlock grid�lock noun 1. A traffic jam in which no vehicular movement is possible, especially one caused by the ...
by jamess
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After decades of excuses we are finally seeing leaders put the interest of children ahead of the staff paid to teach them. We don't need to keep employees with poor performance in the public or ...
by edtastic
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