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Here's hoping for a brighter future, one in which the crazy people trying to destroy the US finally see the folly of their ways and change course before its too late.
by kbman
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Hello and Happy Holidays to all. Welcome to the Wednesday Coffee Hour here on Street Prophets. This is an open thread where we can talk about what’s going on in our worlds. Everyone is ...
by BlueJessamine
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Reading This diary early this Christmas morning got me thinking. Coolelegans wrote a warm appreciation diary to thank the gift giving soul who put a Subscription Christmas present, yeah, under his ...
by Ole Texan
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My little Internet radio station is playing holiday music through tomorrow morning, if you're into that sort of thing. http://aotpradio.com http://facebook.com/aotpradio Merry Christmas and Happy ...
by TheGreatLeapForward
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Yep, that's it. I just want people to get what they deserve. I want the poor to be treated like human beings. I want the discriminated against to be welcomed as equals. I want the sick to be treated,
by One Pissed Off Liberal
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Just came on for a minute while waiting for my bread pudding to finish cooking and wanted to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings.
by Rosalie907
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[Cross-posted at The Left Coaster. ] Steve, Mary, I and all the writers here wish you the very merriest of a Christmas season, hoping that whatever destination awaits you peace and friendship be ...
by paradox
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by patg
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Last night, Occupy Wall Street protesters – armed with a secret, illuminated weapon – offered a Christmas Eve message while "caroling" before the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).
by David Harris Gershon
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I keep asking and I've been very, very good, but I still haven't gotten what I've wanted. So I'll ask again for next year....
by Puddytat
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What a simple day we had today; this Christmas eve. We had breakfast at home, read the paper, went ...
by Ray Pensador
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For most of us, here at Daily Kos, there's plenty to be thankful for. And for most of us, there's plenty to be really annoyed at. There's one thing, though, that makes me viserally angry.
by jpmassar
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Whatever tomorrow is for you - whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, or Crash-On-The-Couch-And-Watch-TV-day - I want to say I hope you have a happy and healthy and fun day, and that I'
by SueM1121
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Music to wrap presents by..... Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy ...
by TexMex
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I woke up this morning, got a cup of coffee, checked my email, and then moseyed on over to DKos as I always do to see what's up. Something wasn't right. There was no color over on the right, no ...
by Joieau
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This season I am always reminded Charles Dickens' classic tale _A Christmas Carol_. Within the character Scrooge we find bitterness, avarice, cruelty...but also a notion that in those hearts ...
by Socratic Method
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The next time someone says "Happy Holidays" to you instead of "Merry Christmas," please consider that they may not be trying to diminish Christmas after all. You may even be on the same side.
by Istillhope
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2010 has been a tumultuous year, 2011 promises more of the same... Happy Holidays and Happy New Years from Linux Beach I hope you and yours are ...
by Clay Claiborne
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The message being that this is the holiday season, and perhaps for a day or so we can take a holiday from vitriol, political differences, distemper, and reflect on the notion that some things have ...
by phillies
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Christmas is a season of Music. No other holiday is so associated. I mean, you don't hear Easter or St Patrick's Day carols. There's something about the music at Christmas that makes it FEEL like ...
by zenbassoon
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