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The governor is asked to commit to policies to offset the impacts of climate change; he offers no answer and no comment. Top Florida climate scientists meet with Gov. Rick Scott hoping for some ...
by VL Baker
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There's been a lot that I've been critical of President Obama lately. I won't go into all the issues here that I disagree with him on. Frankly, that would take a whole other diary... perhaps for ...
by markthshark
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Last July, alert elections officials in the Miami-Dade jurisdiction noticed a puzzling pattern in requests for absentee ballots and discovered the first case of electronic election fraud to get some ...
by Wisconsin Grassroots Network
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While Republicans in their bid to show that they are inclusive are placing minorities like Marco Rubio in the forefront, it is essential to understand that it is a failing proposition for one ...
by Egberto Willies
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The Miami Herald just published a short article on early voting around the country. Their list is mostly states where the Dems are holding leads in early voting, but they also list Colorado, which ...
by Explorer8939
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Read it and weep Mittens: Our latest poll shows President Obama gaining momentum in Florida and now leading Mitt Romney 49% to 47%, with the pool of undecided voters shrinking to just 4%. Among the ...
by GDoyle
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Here are the latest figures out of Florida. Along with some concern-trolling from the Miami Herald.
by FightingRegistrar
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And just like that, we have taken the lead in Florida after just two days of early in-person voting.
by FightingRegistrar
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BREAKING UPDATE (11:00 p.m. EST) : FBI, Miami-Dade police target Democratic primary candidate with possible ties to Congressman David Rivera Federal agents are investigating the finances of a ...
by Bob Johnson
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The FCAT is the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test. The writing section scores came out last week. The scores were shockingly low on this new version. The state lowered the requirements ...
by floridagal
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Short but important ...
by Olympia
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From The Miami Herald: Sanford Police threatened to arrest members of the media who approach or ask questions off the clock. A press release sent out Wednesday said police would arrest journalists ...
by DRo
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At Waterstone, about 32 percent of students in 2010 qualified for free or reduced-price lunches, an indicator of poverty, according to data from the National Center for Education ...
by teacherken
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Heard the term "edu-bubble" yet? Chances are you will soon. No doubt you've heard of the "dot-com bubble."
by jeff bryant
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Florida’s charter school movement has grown into $400-million-a-year powerhouse backed by real-estate developers and promoted by politicians, but with little oversight. ...
by teacherken
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In a breaking story published in the Miami Herald, noted author Anthony Summers reveals for the first time information that the FBI withheld about important terrorism suspects from Congressional ...
by leveymg
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If you haven't got anything better to do, let me bend your ear a little about something that's been bugging me to the point where I feel like spending the time here to exorcise it. It's the ...
by xaxnar
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Tell Secretary Napolitano and the Obama Administration that now is not the time to deport Haitians to Haiti. Take action now and urge the Obama administration to take into account the ...
by Lets Breakthrough
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by Bcgntn
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Mainstream media are now reporting the shortage of medical supplies in Haiti, a shortage created in part by the US decision to prioritize the inflow of military flights over humanitarian aid. ...
by Robert Naiman
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