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Israel's Likud Government is trying to ban public protests against its ongoing assault in Gaza, citing the danger of rocket attacks as a pretext prohibit protests against its punitive military ...
by Lefty Coaster
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On Sunday hundreds of anti-war protesters were arrested in two locations in Moscow, One in front of the Russia's Defense Ministry, and another in downtown Moscow's Manezh Square. . This comes ...
by Lefty Coaster
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On April 15, 1967, 400,000 people marched from Central Park to the UN building in New York City to protest the Vietnam war, where they were addressed by critics of the war such as Benjamin Spock, ...
by allenjo
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It's been a week since the NATO protests and I've been thinking about them on and off, especially after reading a few Crain's Chicago Business articles that questioned whether the whole shebang was ...
by BobboSphere
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Who could have predicted? Police over reactions making a situation worse instead of better. Outright brutality on a whim. Still, it takes an especially brave cop to arrest an eleven-year old girl ...
by jpmassar
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The following resolution was passed by the General Assembly of Occupy Oakland, creating an official Occupy Oakland action on Tuesday, Feburary 14th, Valentine's Day.
by jpmassar
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Senator Wayne Morse (D-OR) 1964: Wayne Morse and Ernest Gruening (D-AK) ...
by Marie
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I was born the day after Trinity, the first atom bomb test. From age 5, duck-and-cover, hide-under-our-desks drills in my Catholic school were as frequent as tests. I was terrified of nuclear war. ...
by Redstocking
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I rode over to St. Paul after work yesterday to see what was going on... I figured that, if the RNC insisited on having their stupid convention in my metro area, I might as well go see what they ...
by Dracomicron
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Hi guys -- Will Bunch from the Philadelphia Daily News here (full disclosure, for geeks...and working journalists). I'm writing a book on how to revive ...
by attytood
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We have so much to look forward to in the SF Bay Area! Next week our hero, Al Gore, will be visiting the Bay Area with several public appearances as we all await the announcement of the Nobel prize ...
by MakeChessNotWar
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A historian I know just made this video and posted it on YouTube. It is very powerful and should be disseminated as widely as possible, ...
by seabrook
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Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the ...
by MotleyPatriot
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On March 17th 2007, the number of antiwar rallies that I have attended against the Iraq War out numbered the ones I attended against the Viet Nam War. This war protest was different from all of them.
by Holly J
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Susan Sarandon's talk at the recent anti-war rally was replayed today by Amy Goodman on Democracy Now. http://www.democracynow.org/article.pl?sid=07/01/29/1453235 Ms Sarandon had some really ...
by eve
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After a four-hour departure delay on ATA from Chicago to DC, we finally got there late, at 2:00. I went because I wanted to be one of the millions calling for George W. Bush to be reined in. However,
by tr4nqued
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The hysteria has begun. Every time there is a mass protest on the National Mall crowd estimates vary wildly depending on political point of view. I hope that we here at DK inhabit the reality-...
by AndyFarquhar
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On Friday, during the 5 pm news on KPFT, the local Pacifica station, they ran a story that Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee was organizing a meeting and a march. Call to RSVP they said. So I did.
by Mosquito Pilot
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My son and I are heading to DC for the protest tomorrow. We need sign ideas - "No Surge," while short and to the point, is not very exciting. So, even if you can't make it tomorrow, here's a ...
by AndyFarquhar
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I'm not usually one who reads the obituaries, although some at my age can begin to get obsessive about it. But I noticed one today that got a few dormant neurons in my brain firing again, and kick-...
by leftvet
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