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I'm just going to link to three articles dealing with recent studies on these matters.They are to some extent all related because of the focus on infant and childhood development of systems and ...
by enhydra lutris
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You may not be loving it, but McDonald's should be applauded. Hallelujah! McDonald's has announced a huge change: ...
by Jen Hayden
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In the wake of my dietary lapse/autoimmune attack and Predisone fiasco, I have taken stock on my situation. I believe those who tell me my gut is in need of serious fixing. That is, I have heard ...
by lisakaz
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FOR MORE LINKS, SEE this FM diary AND THIS ON diabetes/obesity/kidney disease & related topics , ETC. F IND SPECIFIC KEYWORDS IN DIARIES BY ...
by mettle fatigue
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Civil Eats is reporting on a study published yesterday called Prescription For Change [PDF]. The report documents the results of a new poll organized by Consumer Reports (CR) National Research ...
by VL Baker
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Below is a roundup of news, politics science, and humor. I plan on doing this about once a week as long as people seem interested. I hope you enjoy. Results from last week's poll: no one who ...
by mole333
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Considering how fast our available antibiotics are losing effectiveness against disease the battle for dominance of the Earth may well come down to who has the strongest immune system.
by thefarleftside
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The LA Times Editorial Board has taken a strong stand on the excess use of antibiotics in animal feed and on farms, after the original reporting they did last week I covered ...
by HoundDog
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I woke up early, today, to go to my doctor, for my first month's weigh in my new super diet. I have lost 6 pounds, which should be enough to keep me out of the "circle of shame." So, I was extra ...
by HoundDog
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At the very end of the diary is an introduction to using free MEDSCAPE links/articles like this: very easy and worth it. Teenagers and college students may enjoy this one. The human body as a ...
by mettle fatigue
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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has finally issued its long-awaited guidelines to reduce misuse of antibiotics in livestock production. This is a voluntary guidance for the ...
by VL Baker
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The FDA announced earlier today that over the next three years, it will phase in the first curbs in years on the use of antibiotics in animals raised for meat . Antibiotics, one of the wonder ...
by Christian Dem in NC
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Whenever there is a discussion of superbugs, bacteria that have become resistant to all our antibiotics, they round up the usual suspects.
by disinterested spectator
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Campylobacter Bacteria For decades, livestock producers have used low doses of antibiotics to expedite animal growth. The practice lowers feed costs while increasing meat production, and ...
by VL Baker
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A couple weeks ago, DKoser KS LaVida wrote an excellent diary on why The looming antibiotic crisis can't be solved by the free market . While the focus in that piece was on the unwillingness of Big ...
by atana
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Most of us alive today do not remember life before antibiotics. I would have had one more uncle had penicillin been available a year earlier; up through the first half of the twentieth century, ...
by K S LaVida
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I first heard this report (delivered in a snide way by one of my least favorite announcers) on NPR this morning. Of course they didn't bother with any analysis on the ways in which this study is ...
by polecat
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MODERATOR'S NOTE: CJ put this diary in the queue for publication today, expecting to be here. Instead, he is fighting for his life and may not live through the weekend. This left me with a decision ...
by ulookarmless
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And by you I mean us. Yes quite literally you and I and many others. This past week on Tuesday and NY Judge ordered the Food and Drug administration to evaluate the safety risks to human health ...
by idbecrazyif
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Wow! The FDA has been taking too long to implement what it knows are best practices for a healthy food system so a federal judge has to make them own up to their responsibilities to maintain a food ...
by VL Baker
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