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Good Morning Kossacks Welcome to Morning Open Thread (MOT) We're known as the MOTley Crew and you can find us here every morning at 6:30 a.m. Eastern (and perhaps sometimes earlier!). Feel free ...
by P Carey
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The other night Michael Jackson’s song came on the radio, “Billy Jean”! When I hear that song from the "Thriller" album, or especially this one, “Human Nature”, I’m reminded of Tel Aviv, ...
by Nicoletta
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If you have small children at home, you are experiencing the Frozen phenomenon ... and you likely have a certain song dancing around in your head. I have found a way to let it go! Simply watch this ...
by truthhurtsaz
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by Walter Brasch The Big Story this past week was the Golden Globes awards. The Golden Globes, sponsored by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and broadcast by NBC, drew 21 million viewers ...
by Walter Brasch
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full article with hyperlinks found here: http://danbojangles.wordpress.com/2013/10/15/cheering-sports-injuries-why-americans-cant-have-nice-things/ As cliché as the phrase, “that awkward ...
by danbojangles
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In November of 2003, I unplugged my television, put it in a garage and with that I was done watching programmed TV. We had some great times together. Saturday morning cartoons, the Thunderbirds, ...
by FiredUpInCA
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You've got to be kidding me! That was my first reaction to the news that celebrated Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius had shot his girlfriend, model Reeva Steenkamp, dead in their home in South ...
by Abe Munder the Wheeled Wonder
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This 30-second clip from Willard M. Romney's acceptance speech on August 30, 2012 is the only 30 seconds I have seen of his hour-long speech. I boycotted his speech at the time, although I watched ...
by TimothyHorrigan
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. Sure, Reagan got more press and all of the credit, but a concert in West Berlin with Genesis, David Bowie, and Eurythmics started the wrecking ball rolling during the summer of 1987. According ...
by Zwoof
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CNN: A jury has found Dr. Conrad Murray guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson. Murray faces up to four years in prison and the loss of his medical license. Murray was ...
by kestrel9000
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Ive been watching the Conrad Murray trial for several reasons but most of all because I have a personal connection to the case: The day Michael Jackson died, I had an almost fatal heart attack. If ...
by exlrrp
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It doesn’t look like anything can possibly happen before year’s end that eclipses the media attention received by the finding and killing of Osama Bin Laden—and we are sure to endure several ...
by Ryan Brooke
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Various contributing factors at various times have led me to believe that MTV has had a very pernicious influence on singing. Perhaps not MTV as much as music videos, but they are almost synonymous ...
by enhydra lutris
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One year after his death, I want to dedicate and remember Michael Jackson's accomplishment and just say thank you for the music you left us with. You will never be forgotten.
by ThisIsMyTime
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Here are some music trivia questions. Maybe you’ll know the answers, maybe not. Jump over the fold for the questions and the answers.
by Dbug
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People die all the time, including in over the last year. From Alan Livingston to Zeke Zarchy, talents who’ve contributed to the sound tracks of our lives died in 2009. Enjoy and add ...
by Land of Enchantment
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We liberals are frequently accused of regarding Barack Obama as our "messiah." And recently, dozens of Kenyan birth certificates have turned up, purporting to show that our "messiah" was born not ...
by TimothyHorrigan
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I'm so tired of changing channel to see Sarah Palin's face on every cable news and TV station. No kidding, Madonna draws more people than Sarah Palin but still that doesn't make her qualified to be ...
by LaurenMonica
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The International Red Cross and Red Crescent can be best understood as a collection of pieces building a whole. In my first piece, I told ...
by jimluce
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From those that read my diaries, you know that I have a love for calling out certain right-wing nut jobs, partisan hacks and do-nothings that unfortunately walk the Halls of our Congress. All of ...
by alpolitics
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