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Conservative hack Glenn Reynolds has a column in USA Today in which he attacks the President's focus on income inequality, with the usual bleating about government dependency and what not. Mickey ...
by thereisnospoon
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On the day before election day, it's important to set down for the record in one place the electoral projections of the great rightwing pundits du jour for eternal memory. This should be done in the ...
by thereisnospoon
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Mickey Kaus -- /that/ Mickey Kaus, the celebrated alleged oral molester of goats, the famous son of famously wise and liberal California Supreme Court Justice Otto Kaus, the man who parleyed his ...
by Seneca Doane
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I was just waiting for this . he more I think about it, ...
by Cooley
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So just now I poked my head out from the ol' echo chamber and waded into Kausfiles. Now, my understanding is that Kaus is liberal in the sense that Sullivan is conservative — i.e. not much. ...
by Jyrinx
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John Dickerson, Slate.com's chief political correspondent, was less than thrilled with Hillary Clinton's DNC speech last night. Contrary to the long list of political and media pundits, Dickerson ...
by Casey
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The MSM has refused to cover the " John Edwards Fathered Bat Boy!!!" story. In protest of this travesty, Mickey Kaus called a press conference today and dropped his pants.
by Mark Warner is God
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In Obama's speech on race yesterday, the comparison between his pastor and his grandmother seems to be a sticking point, at least ...
by Lawprofsr
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baaaaaaa [ed. - wait, he says he never was with a lamb while drunk. ME - that doesn't mean he wasn't with ewe while sober. ed. - oh yeah] ON EDIT - HI MICKEY - NICE TO SEE YOU CAN ...
by DrFrankLives
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Update: The show is now complete and available for download at the On Topic page ! Are you ready for a real debate on the issues ...
by thereisnospoon
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An open letter to Mickey Kaus, in response to his blog entry of this morning:
by Geenius at Wrok
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