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I'm reading this letter to Microsoft employees , I wonder if you can decipher its meaning. Apparently it is from a robot called Stephen. We are the team creating the hardware that showcases the ...
by LaFeminista
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China bans government purchases of Windows 8, surprising Microsoft China is banning Windows 8 devices from at least some government IT purchases, in a mysterious move that took ...
by Richard Lyon
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According The Official Microsoft Blog , a patch for the recently discovered security vulnerability in Internet Explorer, versions 6 through 11, went live at 10 a.m. PDT yesterday, 1 May 2014. ...
by BMScott
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The Department of Homeland Security Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) has issued the following advisory for users of Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 6 through 11. US-CERT is aware of ...
by Hey338Too
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I need to vent. Because I can't find a place where I can actually contact Google and inform them how badly they have screwed up their Maps with their latest edition. I hate what Google has done to ...
by NBBooks
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Two Very Important Computer Alerts that you may not have seen: 1) on Windows XP and 2) a New Computer Virus, "Cryptolocker". I am posting links to both of these diaries in case you missed these ...
by SeaTurtle
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What we need is a Turn Key setup to protect online Americans from government, corporate, and outright criminal intrusions. We're talking about getting 25,000,000+ people out of these lines of fire ...
by waterstreet2013
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On April 8, 2014, Microsoft will cease full support of its Windows XP operating system. So what does this mean to you, if you are still using Windows XP? Why is this important? According to ...
by Hey338Too
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I just got 4 emails from Microsoft and Apple asking to confirm my email address for my non existent microsoft and Apple accounts. Any one know what's going on?
by peterfallow
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So I was listening to a discussion about the decision that Valve has made to release thirteen separate Steam Boxes with approximately eleventy quadrillion hardware options. Once side thought that ...
by angryea
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Microsoft has a new application called Project Sienna . It is an application for Windows 8 that allows "app imagineers" (dear marketing assholes: when you lay awake at night wondering why people ...
by angryea
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The Internet Is Dead (Essay) I’ve always wanted to write something really counterintuitive; something so ‘whacked‘ it probably shouldn’t even be set to print. Then I remember that nothing ...
by Mozzochi
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Eight top Internet companies have called on the NSA to curtail the bulk collection of data.
by CharlesII
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When does our national security budget become a national security risk? Now, I'll be the first to take Microsoft word with a grain of salt. I feel that Microsoft's legacy of awesome business ...
by dsteve01
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Brad Smith, General Counsel of Microsoft, says that "government snooping potentially now constitutes an 'advanced persistent threat,' alongside sophisticated malware and cyber attacks", if ...
by Liberal Thinking
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The latest updates on the Washington State elections show some surprising turnarounds in the vote count. The elections have have attracted national and international attention on several ...
by Mark Taylor Canfield
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Every so often, rather then discuss politics, especially when so many do it so well, I turn to what I do for a living, which is technology. I am an outside network consultant right now to 8 ...
by Chris Reeves
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I was going to write about this yesterday but then the stupid Republicans just had to shutdown the government. Still though: http://thehill.com/blogs/hillicon-valley/technology/325477-tech-giants-
by poopdogcomedy
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I guess most by now are aware of President Dilma Rousseff's postponed 'insert air quotes here' trip to the USA. I say this because she has been under a lot of pressure from Brazilians. She has been ...
by FLS
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Either Verizon is angling for a Department of Defense contract, or one of its Arlington-based presidents, John Stratton, is positioning himself for a sweet ambassadorship. Either way, the company ...
by David Harris Gershon
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