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At an event this week at the University of Chicago'...
by Jon Perr
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Their coverage ...
by jbigss
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Good times for the GOP: Republican strategist Mike Murphy chided what he called "the stupid wing of the Republican Party." "There's tension and ...
by Ian Reifowitz
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The wasteland This is (shudder) from last Sunday, so hardly counts as news anymore. But it's still important, and it adds yet more evidence to the theory that the press infatuation with Snowden as ...
by Hunter
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This is just gone up a few notches. Aside from Snowden's proclamation regarding firearms and naughty bits we have this. 1) Mike Murphy frequent NBC pundit having financial ties to the ...
by JML9999
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Esby here, and I'll have to say it's been a great day! I kind of found my gun! I couldn't remember where I had left it on Sunday, somewhere between church service and the Chuck E Cheese. But there'...
by esby
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Here's the line up for Sunday morning. Meet the Press: Govs. Barbour, Rendell. Roundtable with David Brooks, E.J. Dionne, Rachel Maddow, Mike Murphy Interestingly enough, the Roundtable is ...
by Julie Gulden
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I've just seen Rachel Maddow's visit on Meet The Press, and I wanted to say "Great Job". I especially appreciate the way she put Republican Strategist Mike Murphy on blast about Sara Palin.
by Vision
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On today's Meet the Press Round-table Rachel Maddow went after Sarah Palin's propensity for choosing White Supremacists or those who have partnered with White Supremacists to co-author her books. In ...
by Lefty Coaster
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I have long been interested in the question, "Why do people ask 'Why?' so much?" How much of it is a need to know? Is some of it idle chatter? Are people who incessantly ask 'Why?' insecure? Or are ...
by kktlaw
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I looked and did not see this posted yet. In her post for Thursday, Ms. Noonan prefaces her post with a detailed description of how "someone misquoted and misunderstood what she said" She did not, ...
by gailwmcdonald
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Well, well, well, after an incredible slip up or admission, you be the judge, it seems that Peggy is backtracking on her own words and 'splaining the slip up as a nefarious misinterpretation by the ...
by ararat
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Just as a brief, but telling, diary. I'd like to share how i've spent the past hour or so - seeing how the conservative internet community is tossing Peggy Noonan out. ---- more "Noonan doens'
by aironlater
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Top Secret: Emergency Recast of the role of Peggy Noonan, Republican political pundit. This is an Ad Lib role. We give you the Republican Talking Points, and you are judged on your ability to Sell,
by teresahill
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Peggy Noonan, Mike Murphy and Chuck Todd called Palin's appointment "political bullsh*t," and talked of how many major Republicans are upset. For video, click 'more'.
by MCFunk
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Tonight, in an argument between Mike Murphy and Rachel Maddow about Pailin, on MSNBC, Murphy ADMITTED the entire diatribe about Obama being an abortionist baby killer IS CRAP! He LIED and Said HE ...
by Dee321
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by David Waldman
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I don't know where Josh got this , but this is amazing. Over a minute of Peggy Noonan, Mike Murphy, and Chuck Todd clearly off camera but not off mic.
by TX Unmuzzled
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This is a pretty classic "open mic" incident between Chuck Todd, Mike Murphy and Peggy Noonan:
by FleetAdmiralJ
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Saw this over at TPM and figured it needed a little viewing ...
by Redstateresident
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