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The episode of Peggy Noonan and Mike Murphy spilling out their true thoughts on the McSame campaign as if they were exhaling after holding in their stomachs while an attractive person walked past ...
by Loudoun County Dem
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That was the line which we did not need to hear her say. She undoubtedly gave the speech she had to give last evening but she included the one phrase we did not need to hear or want to hear.He is ...
by irrationalbutsane
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On Morning Joe on MSNBC today, both Chuck Todd and Mike Murphy were strongly in agreement with each other about how lousy the poll results are in this election cycle and warned repeatedly against ...
by KateDK
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Oh woe is Billy...... just this week he devoted an entire column to touting the skills of McCain's 2000 ...
by dweb8231
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Today's panel: Mr and Mrs Mary Matalin, 8 time loser Bob Schrum, Mike Murphy.
by Mahler3
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On Meet the Press yesterday, Republican strategist Mike Murphy said: MR. MURPHY: Can [Fred Thompson] up his message game, ...
by Joan McCarter
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Below the fold: AK-Sen, GOP shenanigans, funny vidoes, etc. The Lineup (link back here, if you're copying to another site): * Meet the Press: Bob Shrum (D), James Carville (D), Mary ...
by Newsie8200
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Last night I caught a bit of Mike Murphy and Paul Begala on CNN, much to my detriment.� Mike Murphy, taking cues from VP Dick Cheney, was peddling out the "dissent strengthens the enemy ...
by AJ WI
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A version of this was posted earlier today at skippy the bush kangaroo . Normally, I'm for bipartisan efforts. I'm no Grover Norquidst. But I'm for ...
by Carnacki
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